WA Politicians Continue To Debate R18+

Despite the waiting, despite the fact that other states have already pushed through legislation, Western Australia has held up its own R18+ legislation by sending it to a committee. Now politicians are openly debating the legislation — and not everyone is in favour.

Liberal MP Nick Goiran has raised worries that an R18+ category will dilute the Refused Classification category, after Christian Porter informed him that 80 per cent of R18+ games would previously have been refused classification.

Michelle Scott, WA's Commissioner for Children and Young People, claimed that an R18+ rating would "introduce a level of violence that children and young people weren't exposed to before."

However, Frank Morisey, from the Department of Attorney-General, called for a speedy resolution to the debate.

"The consequences are that R18+ computer games that are suitable for adults only would be able to be purchased by children," he said. "Retailers would be able to sell them to children with impunity."

The phrasing and misinformation being thrown around, on both sides of this debate, is a little concerning. Let's say the idea that 80% of R18+ games will come from the RC category is true, just for arguments sake. Even if this is accurate — which it most likely isn't — it still allows for games to be classified correctly and, with the right deterrents in place, it will still protect children from unsuitable content.

Michelle Scott's claim that an R18+ rating will introduce a new level of violence to children? Really? We're still having this argument? Games that are unsuitable for children are currently classed under MA15+. Very few games get refused classification. There is no floodgate.

Children exposed by video games loophole [TheWest]


    "But because WA still has not updated the legislation that would control the sale, possession or display of R18+ games, there would be nothing to prevent retailers selling them to minors, a parliamentary committee was warned yesterday."

    This is an important piece of this puzzle. They haven't updated their laws yet.. so since the fines for selling to minors only currently affect MA15+ titles, having a R18+ game, without any fines, would mean they could sell the game to whoever without any consequences...

    Solution: Pull your darn fingers out and get the laws up to date.

      Ah, that makes more sense. It took a decade to get the government to do one thing... WA has to do two things... this may take a while.

      While this is at least a logical reason for them holding off, it makes me more angry at WA politicians, not less.

        agreed. i am annoyed at how slack and irresponsible they are. rather than fixing the problem, they rather talk the hind leg off a donkey >_

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    I'm just amazed at how backwards things can be in this country. To any sane person, the simple solution would be to just update the laws and add restrictions and penalties for sale of R18+ to minors. Why oh why do the people that make decisions have to be so damn idiotic.

    How do you dilute the Refused Classification category when it is more of a "this doesn't fit in our classification system" than an actually category?

    This is utter lunacy. They honestly think they can ban R18+ content in WA if its legal elsewhere in Australia? They going to employ a bunch of people to act as 'customs' for WA and spend the millions of dollars to house the systems federal customs use to find illegal content?

    I think not. Once R18 is legal in other states and games can be purchased there, the war is over. You lose WA. Australia Post will greatly appreciate the increased patronage however and brick and mortar retailers will lose out to online retail again, significantly.

    Michelle Scott, WA’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, claimed that an R18+ rating would “introduce a level of violence that children and young people weren’t exposed to before.”

    I worry about the parenting style of these people... "Mummy, can I rent that slasher film?" "Sure thing, Billy..."

      Apparently this type of parenting style is fine though. A friend of mine was letting her 5-year-old play "Red Dead Redemption" and laughing at how he was staying up all night to play it.

      Last time I check .... MA15+

      And people wonder why we don't get more adult games. It's these idiots who ruin it for all of us.

      So, these children have been lining up at EB with their hard earned $100 waiting for R18 category to hit?

    WA can't even decide if they want daylight savings, so this may take a while. They can continue living in their bubble while everyone else in the real world pushes forward with this.

    To those of you living in WA, get out of there while you still can. Or you can probably just have games posted to you from over the borders.

      Sure we can, we don't want it.

        +1 That's a stupid analogy, people voted it down for good reasons. A decision was made democratically and there was a clear answer of no.

        This issue however is completely unlike that issue. It's being held back by idiotic politicians asking questions which have been answered time and again (and again and again and again and again...) .

      we did and it was voted on not to have it. that's far from indecision so i would advise that you check that next time. as for the legislation it is a different issue. it is held up by our idiotic politicians. it is a nice place to live otherwise and i would rather live here then say Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide

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      your darn right we voted no. An extra hour of sun would ruin my curtains!

    My thoughts exactly. I was shocked at the stupidity of it all when I read it in the paper. These people have no brains AT ALL.

    So these people are all being fired for gross incompetence right now right? Oh wait no? Well that would be depressing if my expectations of politicians weren't already rapidly and constantly plummeting :/

    Just when I start to think that maybe the government isn't so bad after all, they go and do something to remind me of their stupidity. Am I the insane one? Are parents and adults really that immature and irresponsible that they can't stop a child from playing a game, or buying it despite all the safeguards and mechanisms that console makers put in to prevent this exact kind of thing?

    Out PM can stand up to misogyny, but doesn't do anything about the MPs faffing about with the R18+ stupidity.

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      What part of 'WA Parliament' is difficult to understand? It's a state issue - federal Patliament passed legislation creating an R rating months ago.

    They really need to have a sign on all government meeting places in Australia.
    "Remove head from a**e before entering."

    And I thought we in Victoria had it tough with the related penalties.

    I move that we secede from Western Australia. If need be we can then invade them to seize all of those mines back that are apparently stopping our economy deflating and comically flying around the room making a blowing-raspberry noise.

    What could possibly go wrong?

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      the SAS and all the (manned and working) Submarines are based in WA.. they might just win

    sounds like another cant be bothered researching the argument so we'll just make shit up!! nice work aus govt, arse hats!!

    Most kids now will be over 18 by the time this is finally passed.

    **** this ****, im gonna be a politician that bends the laws to get things done!!

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    just sorting out australia to get low low game prices then retire xD

    I wonder if the politician is misreading "80% of R18+ games would have been refused classification previously" to mean "80% of games that would have been refused classification will now be R18+". The latter would be a large erosion of RC, but is not implied by the first statement.

    As an example, say we have 100 RC games, and the introduction of the R18+ category allows 8 to be moved down to R18+, along with two MA15+ games moved up. Then the R18+ category is comprised 80% of previously RC material, but that only represents 8% of the total RC games.

    It annoys me more that even after its been agreed to bring this rating into law in most states that a simple "won't somebody think of the children" can still derail things.

    The whole thing is to keep the content out of the hands of children, yet politicians are still using the "what if" senario to keep tungsten from advancing.

    Why can't adults be treated as adults, because people only give a shit about kids and not the adults under 45

    *Gasp* it's so clear to me now: West Australian Politicians are actually *dramatic pause* Fox News

    By having this argument, you're basically already admitting that having a rating system doesn't work to begin with.
    If by having an R18+ category means they worry about even MORE violent games being accessible instead of the wrong games bein classified MA15+ then that just shows there's no faith in anyone doing the right thing adhering to the rating system.

    I worked in games retail for 4 years and I never saw anyone sell out an MA15+ game to a minor... So it begs the question... Does WA simply not trust it's parents??? And if not... Then the issue at hand is not the issue that need be discussed!

    and here we go again.

    their argument is stupid as its no different to a place selling cigarettes or alcohol to minors if they choose. a fine should be put in place for places that sell R games to minors.

    See, now we all know how gay people feel when they watch politicians pontificating uselessly about things they don't understand and won't take the time to learn about.

    It is a sucky feeling when people who are totally uninvolved and unaffected by what you do, get to make decisions about how you live your life.

    The politicians that disagree with an R18+ rating all fail to see the point of a rating system. "Michelle Scott, WA’s Commissioner for Children and Young People, claimed that an R18+ rating would “introduce a level of violence that children and young people weren’t exposed to before.” " /facepalm.

    No surprise to see Goiran behind this. He's a 'moral crusader' type of politician. His submission to the R18+ inquiry was a thing of beauty.

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