Want $20 Free On PSN? You Have To Spend $100 In October!

This month Sony are presenting gamers with an interesting proposition. Spend $100 on the PlayStation Network in October, and you'll receive and extra $20 free of charge in Novemeber. I'm keen to hear your thoughts on this — is it worth spending $100 to receive that extra dough? It's a tricky one.

I think it all depends on what you've already bought on the service. PSN is the exclusive home to some of the best games I've played this generation and, beyond that, it's full of top quality games.

If you haven't checked out Flower, Journey, Braid the PixelJunk series, Everyday Shooter, Bionic Commando rearmed, etc, etc — this might be as good a chance as any to splurge if you haven't gotten round to playing some of these titles. Personally I think the quality of games on PSN may outstrip those on XBox LIVE Arcade.

But if you've already played the majority of these games, maybe it isn't worth it. We're currently double checking with Sony locally to make sure we actually have access to this deal here locally, so hold off until we can confirm, but I'd expect we'll get something similar here.

Anyone here thinking of taking Sony up on this offer if it comes to Australia?


    Remember that PSN will have a lot of the AAA releases day 1 as a digital download (sometimes before the shops open at 9am even), so if you are happy with DD it's not hard to hit $100

      The only problem there is that PSN really isn't competitive when it comes to pricing retail games so you'll be paying anywhere up to $40 more (compared to importing) to get a copy that you won't be able to lend to friends or sell when you finish.

    This is much better than the XBL offer.

    Does signing up for PS Plus count toward that I wonder?

      I also wondered this. I am getting the digital copy of Assassins Creed Liberation on the 31st anyway, so this could work out great alongside a PS Plus subscription... Not to mention that Plus kicks in for Vita next month as well.

      Signing up for PS+ does count according to comments on the blog.


    I have a US account, and I actually would use this promotion for all the PSP games I want to add.

    Then again.... I think I'd run out of games to add. And there's bound to be sales later.... Actually, I think I'll pass.

    This could definitely be a winner - there's easily $100 worth of PSN stuff for me to buy in October. There's the Borderlands 2 season pass ($40), there's Counter-Strike GO (IF IT EVER ACTUALLY COMES OUT) for $15, and a couple of PixelJunk games I haven't got around to yet. In my case, "I may as well". And that's how they get you.

    Once it's confirmed, there's easily $100 of content I'm looking to buy. Might as well get a general 20% discount for doing so.

    I think it will be US only, otherwise they would have posted about it on the EU Blog by now.

    It it were to come though, then I certainly would probably rack up $100 worth of purchases.

    Borderlands DLC
    + Okami & Dyad still to make their way online, there will also be tables to buy from The Pinball Arcade and/or a few of the Rock Band songs that I think are still on sale.

    I would LOVE to do this but (assuming it's available here and not just US) I don't have the internet to download all this! :(

    Just spent $30 last night, provided it's confirmed for here I may as well pick up the BL2 Season Pass and another game or two. Why not.

    Hmmm.... I should have held off buying a ton of stuff on the last week of September... nice surprise to spring on me...

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