Warcraft Battles Domain Is Now Owned By Blizzard

Warcraft Battles Domain Is Now Owned By Blizzard

Four days ago, Blizzard registered the domain name “warcraftbattles.com”. Registering a domain isn’t evidence of much, as the company may simply be protecting its trademarks and variations thereof, but it’s hard not to wonder if there’s something more to it than a thorough legal department doing its job.

According to DomainTools, Blizzard owns 283 other domains. This certainly accounts for all the titles it has released, as well as its ancillary services like Battle.net, with a significant number left over for misspellings and alternate top-level domains. But “Warcraft Battles” looks a little too unique to my eyes to simply be a proactive, defensively-minded registration.

It’s one to ponder. What shape might a game called “Warcraft Battles” take? A purely PvP-focused rendition of the World of Warcraft MMO? Or perhaps a tournament-geared version of the RTS? I think the Warcraft franchise is about due another strategy game…

WarCraftBattles.com Whois Record [DomainTools, via Fusible]


  • No no no it’s not a game. It’s the same thing Microsoft is doing with it’s streaming channel ownership halo channel shutting downage. I bet that’s what it is, but for WoW.

  • Name sounds too much like a browser run, Free to play title. I feel like a strategy game of sorts played through the browser and it is freemium….Stupid Blizzard!

  • It is probably some website that allows you to do WoW Pet Battles with your WoW account without actually logging into the game.

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