Watch 14 Minutes Of Far Cry 3 Gameplay

It seems as though fans have had a roller coaster with Far Cry 3 promotional material — trailers that make the game seem linear, mental story focused clips — it's been difficult for those who loved the previous open environments of the previous game to get on board. Maybe 14 minutes of developer led gameplay in the Far Cry 3's open world will change your mind?

Yeah, probably. As Far Cry 3 hurtles towards release, it looks as though Ubisoft is doing a better job of making sure that, while Far Cry 3 is its own game, it still holds true to the basic facets of the series. This game has sort of creeped up on me a little, but I'm actually quite excited now!

Thanks VG247!


    Cheers for that. Damn good video and great for a few laughs as well. Really glad to see they kept the fire from Far Cry 2.

    I hope that harder difficulties removes that silly highlighting of enemies through walls. Kinda like what they did in Crysis.

    Were they laughing at the premise that the player's character has very little motivation to go all Rambo in the game? It sounded very in-jokey

      I think the joke was that they were making references to tonnes of other shooter games. Listen closely again, it's actually quite clever (and funny!).

    Don't need no stinkin` video to sell me.. but I'll watch it anyway.. hehe.. thanks! :)

    this actually looks better than I thought it would be... It has now jumped in my must play list... Really need to play Farcry 2...

    A triple-A title without insane color-grading?

    But really, it looks awesome.

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