Watch 8000 Redcoats Fall Like Dominoes In This Tribute To Assassin's Creed III

Ubisoft asked for an Assassin's Creed III fan film. These three gents obliged. It took 139 takes, but the end result is more than worth watching.

This impressive Rube-Goldberg-like machination takes the redcoats — over 8000 hand-painted figures — through fire, snow, a staircase wrought of video games, and even the kitchen sink. But in the end they all fall, and one Assassin stands victorious.

Assassin's Creed 3: The Redcoats Are Falling [YouTube]


    That was pretty cool. I could never be patient enough to try and do that 139 times. But a pretty impressive result...

    “[People were worried] that it’s going to be ra-ra- Team America and flag-waving. It’s not something we wanted to do and it’s not the story we wanted to tell, anyway.” - Alex Hutchinson

    “You are not winning the Revolution. The Revolution is in the game’s background.” - Alex Hutchinson

    “He’s not British or Colonial and has his own reasons for being involved, his own path that happens to intersect with the Revolution.” - Matt Turner

    “Our story is of both the Assassins and the Templars, that’s the focus of our story. The Templars get their dirty little hands in everything, so Connor’s trajectory through the Revolution isn’t one sided at all, he’ll be going where the Templars are and they’re everywhere.” - Matt Turner

    Fantastic. Love the extra little effects: the snow and fire

      Yeah, clever stuff.
      I liked the bed sheet mountains at the start.

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