Watch Me Try To Do What Lara Croft Does In Tomb Raider Everyone who's played a Tomb Raider game knows that Lara Croft's pistols are her most iconic and trusty weapons. Always filled with ammo, always ready to mow down the rabid wolves, Yeti and human thugs who get in her way.

But the new Tomb Raider reboot doesn't start players off with guns. Instead, your first weapon is a bow, scavenged off of a dead body along with a quiver full arrows. I've always been fascinated by how the bow and arrow speaks to something primal, to a time when ingenuity, accuracy and steely patience meant your family would eat tonight. So, when Square Enix announced that they'd be setting up an archery gallery at New York Comic-Con, I jumped at the chance to get my hands on one of mankind's earliest weapons. You can see how I did in the video above. I'm not exactly lethal with the bow, but maybe I could keep some really cowardly bad guys away.


    I am an archer. My bow case has a sticker on it that says "Have you hugged an archer today?".... it has garnered me no additional hugs :(

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