Watch The Awesome Things That Happened When Gordon Met Chell

We saw the poster for When Gordon Met Chell earlier this week. The short film the poster was designed for is now available for viewing.

So is it a rom-com, as the poster lovely might have hinted to some? No. But this action thriller ("made on a budget of absolutely nothing," according to its creator, Michael Shanks) is definitely worth a look and a laugh. Gordon and Chell make one hell of a team. Between her portals and his gravity, this dynamic duo is unstoppable.

When Gordon Met Chell [YouTube]


    That is definitely Melbourne at 0:30!
    Going up the Yarra - Convention Centre on the left, Casino on the right.

    Storm trooper aim, very common problem.

    Absolutely brilliant. Loved how they used sign language, and especially liked the bit right at the end.

    Just me or did Chell make an impossible shot with the portal gun.. She somehow put a portal next to the enemy that was ontop of a roof. She came out UPWARDS. WHAT?!?!

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