Watch The Continuing Drama Of Halo Soldiers-In-Training

The Forward Unto Dawn live action webseries continues with this week's instalment. In Episode 3, personal drama of every sort comes to a head — but a poorly-timed (or well-timed?) invasion will change everything. How does teenage angst fare against an alien invasion?

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn-Part 3 [Halo Waypoint]


    Anyone recall how many episodes it will be? Watched the first ep, loved it, but I'm waiting til the game comes out and I'll watch the complete series in one run. (Limited Edition bonus)

      Five 15 minute episodes, released every Friday up until release. Total of 75 minutes, but the Halo 4 Collectors Edition features a 90 minute extended cut of the series.

        Cheers. (Thanks to daem also) ill definitely hold off viewing until I can see the 90min version. Usually I'm up to date on this stuff but there's just too much info being released right now.

        hhhhhngngnggggg can't wait even more now.
        me and some mates have been been absaloutely addicted, we've been fangirling over it as each ep comes out

    I just want to see some ODST's - they're so awesome!

    5 I believe, Halo 4 Limited Edition ships with a 90 minute extended cut of the series.

    Crap! That was intense :p

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