Watch The Makers Of SimCity Play Their New Game Live

Today, folks from the Maxis studio behind The Sims 3 and next year's very promising SimCity revival are going going to be showing off the newest stuff in their games.

This is a two-hour event and at some point, the Maxis folks have promised, they're going to be playing SimCity live. Plus, they'll have developer roundtables, news and more... but, yeah, the SimCity gameplay should be the highlight.

Watch it in the UStream player below.


    Looks great! (The new Sim City footage starts at around 00:46:30 in case people are interested)

    meh.. that's the same video footage that was released the other day when the Dev was playing it. Find it on

      yeah i watched it last week a few times too. only part that interested me was question time in the above video

      Last edited 11/10/12 12:11 am

    its really sad that im actually excited for this game, even though i never spent THAT much time on sim city in my early years.

      We are all victims of the corporate marketing machine!

    Boy, Rainn Wilson was the most awkward host ever.

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