We Just Unboxed $500 Worth Of Halo 4 Stuff To Help You Decide If It's Worth It

We got Halo 4 in the office today. The $US100 Limited Edition... plus the $US400 special edition 32GB Xbox 360 that comes with the game packed in. So what's the deal with these things?

We put our unboxing committee on the case.

The console is partially see-through, makes Halo 4 sounds and has cool blue lights. (It's also listed at $US350 at some online retailers, down $US50 from its list price.)

The Limited Edition version of Halo 4 has all sorts of download codes and the kind of paperwork you'd have if you were an actual Spartan Halo trooper.

Both have some commendable features, but, hey, it's your money. So watch the video and hopefully it'll help you decide whether to part with more of it.

Our review of Halo 4 will run next week.


    What the? I want Halo 4 in my office, today!

      Had halo 4 in my office last week, campaign is amazing ;)

    My xray 2000pro vision just scanned through your hand and gave me the access code muahahaha

    $100 special edition is just $40 worth of paper bits?

      Plus free access to the first season of Spartan ops. And teres some other excusive DLC skins and a special class or something.

    mmm-mmmmmmm buyers remorse, finger licking good

    I thought it was a 320GB special edition Xbox 360? That's what I've seen at EB Games...

      It's a typo sparky..

        A typo that could be the tipping point for buyers - who wants a 32GB Xbox 360?

          I know it's a pretty bad typo hahaa typical craptaku

    i prefer my Gears of war 3 360

    I don't get it whats the girl on the left doing outside of the kitchen?

    Who the hell says, "FRAGGED"?

      Hoooooooly crap unboxing videos are boring. I have no idea why I decided THIS one might be different, it's not.

    Tina wears a lot of jewellery.

    Lol do these guys get hammer banned too?

    So, the special edition of 'Forward Unto Dawn' included is a download code? I'm a bit pissed off at that, was expecting an actual DVD. Wish this had been a bit clearer in the description fo the limited edition.

      A DVD would be disappointing, I don't watch anything in standard definition if I can help it. I'd prefer a blu ray

    Is the armor schematic/blueprint made from paper or actual plastic

      It's paper . Sadly

    The console is only 32GB? Why would anyone in their sane minds would want to buy that?
    Unless if they're prepared to by another seperation Microsoft Xbox HDD...

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