Website Tears The Hideous New PlayStation 3 To Pieces

The more I look at the new model of the PS3, the more I hate it. It looks like a budget console, only without the budget price, and goes against Sony's recent good run of making improvements to hardware with later revisions.

So it's with delight that I settled in to watch tech site iFixit tear the thing apart.

Using some screwdrivers and a "plastic opening tool", they remove it piece by piece in an act lovers of the new hardware will call a striptease, and haters a torture session.

What's surprising is that it actually looks pretty good without that "grill" lid. Transparent special edition, please.

PlayStation 3 Super Slim Teardown [iFixit]


    looks really cheap, i wont be upgrading anytime soon

      Yeah, funny that you say that, I had the fat 'ol 40Gb (put in a 500Gb hdd tho) and loved it untill my sister shoved a sucker into the BD drive rendering it useless... Now I have a slim here and must say that i loved the origional console in every way other than the new buttons, sure, they dont look as nice, but the touch buttons dont allways work in ultra high humidity where i lived back then. The moral of my story is that its never an "upgrade" its more just replaceing your console if its broken, in my case i got a slim instead of the fat cos it was actually cheaper.

        That being said. As my ps3 is used daily as either a BD player, sterio system, Media hub or for playing actual games, I woulkd never buy the latest model as, even though it would be made for it, it just dosnt LOOK like it can take the beating i give mine on a daily basis.

    They did make improvements. It now costs them a whole lot less to make. That's an improvement in Sony's books.

    The amount of CPU compound on its cpu would make it run hotter, I wonder what else has been assembled badly. The whole thing looks like you could snap it in half with little trouble. Rubbish imo.

      They want it to burn out quicker, so that you have to replace it more often and then gives them more money :p

    So kotaku has now started signups for commenting.

    Are there that many people that give luke advice on how to write they now have to screen us to make him look good?

      I thought the same thing.

      HA! Are you a David Icke fan?

      Even with the new accounts, comment reporting will be handled on a peer-to-peer basis.


      Nope still able to state the obvious on a guest account.


    Isn't it the same spec as the previous one, just with different hard drive options??

    It doesnt even look that bad. But look at the bright side, this means the PS4 is drawing closer.

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