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Morning everyone! At the moment it's 6.03am. I'm sipping on a cup of tea, and the sun is beginning to rise. I'm thankful because I'm still able to post on our official site here in Australia. Over in the US, in New York, things are a little different. As a result of the terrible floods US Kotaku is still down, and the US team is now posting from a makeshift site here and that's how things are going to be for the foreseeable future. That changes things a little for us here in Australia so, for today at least, Kotaku is going to be a little different!

We'll still be able to bring over posts from the US, but our ability to do that will be slightly deficient, since the normal automated system we use is completely broken down. This means we'll be doing so sparingly. Most of the content you'll see on the site today will be created here, in Australia. You might want to call today 'Australia Day'!

So please be patient with us, and give me a hand if you feel like it! Today, along with Elly Hart bringing in stories manually from the US, we'll mostly be a one man band. This is going to be different! If you think there's a story we've missed, feel free to email me directly.

And good luck to everyone affected by the floods on the East Coast of the US. Hope everyone's okay over there.


    Good luck guys! Hope the US team don't have their homes/work suffer damage.

    I'm a little worried, I'm heading to New York on the weekend. I'm hoping that the people I'm staying with get through it OK. I'm hoping that tourists like me don't get in the way of their clean up efforts by walking around the city. And I'm (selfishly) hoping that at least some of the things I'm planning to to do are fully operational.

      Book a new flight.

      Oh batdude. I hope you're having fun otherwise!

    Your first step should be to declare a state of emergency and use your new found powers to great a Grand Army of the Republic.
    Then you can wipe out the Jedi and dissolve the Senate.

    Just wanted to keep things topical.


    Last edited 19/06/15 9:37 am

      That does make more sense.

      Could the US readers cope with decent, well written articles that aren't just two sentences and a link? ;)

        I don't think their attention spans could handle it.

        I think the pretentiousness of some of the Australian commenters would be more of a turn off...

    The reasons suck, the result is good.

    You need more content? Those Potaku guys have some snazzy content. You should steal it.

      I agree.

    You want our help? Now we can all be part of Kotaku! MAKESHIFT WRITING TEAM - ASEEEEEMMBBBBLLLEEEEEEEE!

    "This means we’ll be doing so sparingly" YAY!

    "Most of the content you’ll see on the site today will be created here, in Australia." YAY!


    It's a beautiful day! -U2

    A photo of a hurricane spinning counterclockwise still looks odd to me. I'm too used to seeing cyclones spinning clockwise here in the southern hemisphere LOL.

      See even their hurricane's don't know which way to spin. Interested in seeing how the site changes with mainly aussie input.

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