Western Australia Sends R18+ Amendments To A Review Committee

While ACT and NSW passed R18+ amendments to the Classification Act without a hitch, it looks as though Western Australia is the first State Government to make R18+ classification a little less straight forward, sending the proposed amendment to a committee for further investigation.

You may remember that, in February of this year, the Federal government sent the initial R18+ amendments to a committee. The committee was only a minor stumbling block in the passage of that legislation, and it's quite reasonable to expect this situation to play out in a similar fashion.

Only one member of parliament needs to ask for an inquiry to send a piece of legislation to committee, but in the short term there will be a delay before R18+ gets passed in Western Australia. The committee is now making a call for submissions and is due to report back on November 6, which makes things relatively tight for the 2013 deadline set by the Federal Government.

If you wish to make a submission to the committee you can do so here.


    *head desk*

    I'd like to know who (and more importantly) why this was sent back for review?

    Politicians are genuinely afraid of an R18+ Rating for Video Games, with an introduction and absolutely nothing changing their fear mongering looks misguided. They may now have to focus on real issues.

    On a completely unrelated note I am somewhat annoyed by what I see as Corruption and ineptitude at worst and just plain old not giving a damn about the people at best that all levels of Goverment seem to be showing in this country.

    It's almost getting to the point where if Gillard said the sky was blue, Abbot would say it's red.

      Would the Greens says its Green?

      Last edited 09/10/12 2:08 pm

        The Greens would say it was brown, then rally all of it's supporters to have legislation passed that every person in Australia has to contribute $1000 a week each for the next 5000 years to return it blue. They'll compromise for a chocolate biscuit allowance while breastfeeding in parliament i'm told

    Yay for once somebody else's government sucks more than SA's.

    Or at least the same amount of suckage.

    Has anyone ever made a submission to an inquiry? Can you submit as an individual if your not in the same State? does submitting one even make a difference?

    WHAT?.......at least before I knew it wasnt "my" state being a pain in the ass but....

    ..DAMMIT!!! what is the probelm?..no really WHAT IS THE PROBELM? what possible reason could they have for screwing around like this?.....

    It's politics. No matter how obvious, straightforward and logical something seems, there's always someone there to oppose it. You don't need brains to be a politician, just charisma.

    Has to be my state doesn't it.

    We've probably got one of the most conservative governments at the state level at the moment so I shouldn't be surprised.

    Another thing that WA is behind the rest of the country on.

    The response from the last committee amounted to "stop whining and do it already." This one will likely result in the same. Politics: the art of asking questions you already know the answer to in order to make it look like you're actually doing something about the issue at hand.

      I'm hoping you're right, it just sucks that even after it's gone this far we're getting this absolutely absurd response.

      "Oh we need to check some more if it's OK!" Surely that means people haven't been doing their job if it takes over a freakin' decade (I've heard over 2 decades argued actually) to come to the sensible conclusion that things should just be rated properly.

    Can't really understand why they're doing this. They're already getting their rebranded MA15 rating, what more could they want? A rebranded M rating?

    At least my children's children will enjoy the benefit of an R18+ rating in Australia.

    the politicians should be watching this:


    the one's in NSW & ACT already have, interestingly enough i wonder if these are the same politicians that are supporting malcom turnbulls bull**** about us not needing the NBN A.K.A a better more efficient information networking infrastructure that can be the backbone on the communications industry for generations to come.

    awwww c'mon!!!!! i'm 40 odd years of age and the WA govt is telling me wot games i can or cannot play...go suck something Barnett & Co....

      Sorry mate, but your dreaming if you expect the Australian government to treat you like your an adult.

      Plain packaging Cigarettes, because every time I walk into a servo, I saw the pretty colours and walked out with a whole bunch of them, and than to get my money's worth I chain smoked em. Of course you can't actually see the cigarettes in the servo for awhile now... so why did they do this?

      RSA, Responsible Service of Alchohol or the if you get drunk and do stupid stuff it's not your fault laws. Have you ever been the guy who cuts somebody off? It's not easy they complain, make a complaint to your manager and than spend the rest of the night weaseling other people to buy them drinks but if a single drop passes there lips, your responsible for it. Now try and babysit a club with up to a hundred patrons.

      Now Accompanied by RSG or Responsible Service of Gambling, it won't get your money back but it does make it not your fault. Seriously, I'm supposed to know when you've gambled enough and have you evicted from the premises before you blow your whole paycheck.

      Yes there are problem Gamblers, they are less than 1% of the population, but punishing everybody isn't the way to help them.

      And the "no R18+" was part of that adults like you and I couldn't play Mortal Kombat because the kids might get their hands on it. But we don't need to ban R18+ Movies, Cigarettes or Alcohol because kids never get their hands on that stuff. Infact it was the argument used until it was passed, R18+ content is not suitable for kids therefore nobody gets it.

      Next government policy to expect, every child and adult will be assigned a Nanny to make sure you have somebody to hold your hand when you cross the street.

      The Government making adults into children annoys me.

    Did they ever actually amend it to the point where banned games may be available here anyway? Because my first read just made me think we'd be getting the same sort of censorship and some of the games we currently would be getting bumped up to the R18 classification in their future releases. It was something along the lines of 'Games are a more affecting medium and will be under higher scrutiny in censorship' looked like we were going to be getting it in the arse again to me.

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