Western Australia Sends R18+ Amendments To A Review Committee

While ACT and NSW passed R18+ amendments to the Classification Act without a hitch, it looks as though Western Australia is the first State Government to make R18+ classification a little less straight forward, sending the proposed amendment to a committee for further investigation.

You may remember that, in February of this year, the Federal government sent the initial R18+ amendments to a committee. The committee was only a minor stumbling block in the passage of that legislation, and it’s quite reasonable to expect this situation to play out in a similar fashion.

Only one member of parliament needs to ask for an inquiry to send a piece of legislation to committee, but in the short term there will be a delay before R18+ gets passed in Western Australia. The committee is now making a call for submissions and is due to report back on November 6, which makes things relatively tight for the 2013 deadline set by the Federal Government.

If you wish to make a submission to the committee you can do so here.

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