What An American City Would Look Like At The End Of Humanity

What An American City Would Look Like At The End Of Humanity

Whether you want to imagine the first days of Life After People, the next instalment of The Walking Dead or a sequel to Tokyo Jungle (Seattle Jungle?), you should check out these stunning images of what an American city looks like without a single person to be seen.

Rather than be shot at dawn in out-of-the-way places, filmmaker Ross Ching actually edited the people out from regular footage then runs it all as a timelapse, letting us see the busier parts of Seattle completely devoid of life.

It’s as beautiful as it is unsettling.

thethrashlab“>Seattle Time Lapse (Empty America)


  • 0:51 bottom left corner- looks like i can see cars going behind the trees… nice looking footage tho, must have been a hassle editing people out

  • >Executive Producer: Ashton Kutcher

    That sure was a cool thing. That music was “dope” as the kids would say.

  • Should’ve done something else with the time spent doing that. Like picking a flower for a loved one, or reading stories to old people..

    • Yup, and you could have done the same instead of posting this comment…these kinds of comments are dumb. Why do we do anything? Are your activities more important than those of the creator of this film? I personally enjoyed it, and I’m sure many other people did too. Spend less time questioning the purpose of other people’s actions, and make your own count instead.

    • the things i would like to say to you right now will just end up with my comment reading something like “the comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been removed” when we all know it would have been justified. get a life

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