What Are You Playing This Weekend

I'm pretty close to finishing off Mark of the Ninja, a game that has genuinely been one of my favourite experiences of this year, and I'm sort of in the process of getting ready for the insanity that is the holiday stretch of releases. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

I'm actually quite excited about the next few months of gaming. This week I got the chance to check out Halo 4, which I loved. And I recently received an early copy of Dishonored, which I'm really excited about. This year doesn't seem quite as insane as the last, so I'm enjoying the fact that I'll be able to spend a good chuck of time with a handful of incredible games as opposed to feeling as though I have to steamroll through them all.

But enough of that — what are you playing this weekend?


    Wedding planner 3: The Revenge

    WIll try to fit in some Borderlands 2, but given the fact that I'm getting married in 3 weeks, I doubt I'll be spending much time playing it.

    Hopefully Assassins 3 and Far Cry 3 and some WiiU

      Are you from the future? What kind of world do we have to look forward to? Can you please give me the lottery numbers?

        I'm assuming they'll be at the EB Games Expo.

          We have a winner

            Are you sure you won't just be playing "waiting in lines" all weekend? ;)

    Prob more BF3 new assignments this week, prob get the MoH beta also, bought Dirt Showdown for $30, not sure i'll get through it.

    Love to know your thoughts on Dishonored...plus you must have a copy of xcom?? I'm waiting for mark of the ninja to reach PC. I'll probably be playing the crap out of Borderlands 2.

    Trying to finish off Sleeping Dogs. Wow, that is a great game.

    Borderlands 2, Madden 13 and possibly NBA 2K13 if I crack and can no longer wait for my UK copy to arrive.

    Borderlands 2 and nothing else. Just started True Vault Hunter Mode yesterday so continuing through that till the end. Need more legendary weapons!!

    Damn fine game. (God I hate autocorrect. What's wrong with the word 'damn'?)

    Borderlands 2 and nba 2k13. also finish up a few more stages in rayman origins

    Borderlands 2 with friends, and HyperDimension Neptunia. I am also going to check out Hell Yeah! Wrath of the Dead Rabbit.

    Dark Souls. Going fat man build, 36 strength and counting. Currently at Anor Londo for the first time and having a blast 2 hitting everything.

    Apart from that, modding my Original Gameboy with a trusty soldering iron.

      I actually have some old Pokemon gameboy games with dry batteries causing it to not save is it possible for me to replace them without any experience with a solder? always been enticed to attempt it.

        Wouldn't be able to say sorry. Haven't used a solder myself in quite a few years. I wouldn't think it's that difficult to replace it. Doing a quick search there were YouTube videos of people doing it so it should give you a good indication.

        FYI: I'm adding a backlight to the gameboy so it's a fair bit different but straightforward in terms of soldering.

    Might pick up Resident Evil 6 from beat the bomb ($52!). But that means I won't be able to play it this weekend D:
    Should have ordered it yesterday...

    Borderlands 2, I just started my 2nd playthrough last night. I want to get that done before Dishonored comes out, and perhaps start a Commando or Gunzerker game before the Mechromancer DLC drops.

    Maybe I might be able to find time for Anna's Quest too. I'm sure I'll play a bunch of FTL, since I won't consider that game complete until I've at LEAST unlocked all the ships.

    I'll continue working on Eternal Sonata and if I finish that then ill make a start on either mass effect 1 or darksiders.

      Was this comment originally submitted three years ago?


    Bought it yesterday. Loving it!! Gona download PAINKILLER tonight and give it a mega decent bash.

    I'll be downloading Tokyo Jungle this afternoon and if the download is fast enough I might play it tonight. If not maybe more of the FIFA 13 and resident evil 6 demos

    Borderlands, Borderlands 2, Diablo3 and Crysis 1 if i can get the stupid game to identify I have a Widescreen Monitor and give me the options to select a widescreen resoltion.
    Talk about frustrating.

    Tekken Tag Tournament 2, last chance to throw some hours at it before X-Com arrives.

    I don't know.... feeling a bit jaded after Carrier Command: Mission Gaea... managed to persuade Steam into giving me a refund for it.. it's that bad.. yeah.. It might turn into a bit of a Netflix weekend for me this weekend. I still have Borderlands 2 to finish yet, so might give that a bit of a bash..

    Borderlands 2 LAN and EB Sexpo!

    ...I can't stop calling it that.

    I'll spend some more hours on Borderlands 2 and a bit of Madden 13. No doubt FTL will happen as well.

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