What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Ooh the weekend, and some really interesting new games to play! What will I be playing this weekend? Probably what most of you will be playing: Dishonored. I also might dare to try some of the new Trials Evolution DLC, but I'm a true Trials addict. Playing that game could genuinely be hazardous to my health.

What are you guys playing this weekend? I've only really gotten started with Dishonored, but I'm loving it so far, particularly the ease with which it allows you to navigate the environments. I think that will probably get lost in all the talk of choices and replay value, but it's paramount when it comes to keeping me motivated moment to moment. Absolutely loving the game.

So let us know in the comments below — what are you guys playing?


    XCOM:EU <- on PC
    Might fire up the old xbox360 and have all the dashboard updates applied, haven't had it on since Feb...

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    Dishonored! So damn fun. So damn pretty.

      Despite my backlog, I need to buy this and play it now. Now! I tell you.

    I'm going to Armgeddon Expo in Melbourne!

    and round 3 of the tournament play for Warmachine/Horde.

    XCOM, PES2013, Rocksmith and maybe bit of Battlefield 3.

    BL2 and Dishonored with a bit of Fifa 13 to mix things up a little.

    Dishonored. Already through the first 2 missions...I CAN POSSESS PEOPLE NOW! YipppeeeeEEEE!!!

    Harvest moon Magical melody. I freaking love harvest moon!

      I once had a note with prices and growing times for my crops that my wife found and thought i was crazy

    Started Dishonored last night, so will be keen to play it a bunch more. Also might start second character in BL2 with Mechromancer (even though i still haven't finished first playthrough).

    Who knows how long before i get around to XCOM and the rest of my pile of shame.

    Friends and I are going to finish Borderlands 2 in preparation for the DLC drop next week. Outside of that, HyperDimension Neptunia, Tomba! and the XCOM demo while I wait for pay day.

    I had my first gaming pc built this week and recieve it this arvo can't wait to play it anyone got some suggestions on what I should check out that I haven't seen on Xbox or ps3 already!?

      I also have a question with a full hd monitor is it possible to play at higher resolutions than 1920x1080 ? Or is a different monitor needed?

        Depends on your MONITOR + VIDEO CARD/MACHINE SPECS + GAME.That being said - if you are even asking this question I fear you will need help. Welcome to PC Gaming. Enjoy :-) From what you are saying though _ "FULL HD' being basically a marketing thingfor 1080p then probably not.

        Only if your monitor supports higher than 1080p, some wont

    Still Borderlands 2 :) Up to level 48 with Zer0 and nearing the end of the main story in playthrough 2. Might give Gaige a go next

    More Borderlands 2 for me. Loving it so far.

    Rugby League Live 2 on the PS3. Need to offload the wooden spoon for the Eels.

    I'll probably try to at least level to 50 on Borderlands 2 (if not complete my True Vault Hunter playthrough) before moving onto Dishonored, but if the wife wants to get cracking on Dishonored now that she's gotten the achievement for completing at least 1 level of all challenges, I will probably pick up X-Com on the PC... it kinda depends on whether my pay goes in tonight or Monday because my games budget for this month has been exhausted already.

    If we keep playing Borderlands all weekend I will probably start a game as the Commando or the Mechromancer to compliment her Gunzerker.

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    Dishonored and spending some good quality time with the Mechromancer.

    Dishonored. The world has captured me. I spent nearly half an hour just wandering through the Hound Pits Pub, talking to the characters, reading the books, just generally looking at things. It's amazing.

    i've been buying too much... playing too little as always...

    if i find time i'll be hitting up some XCOM, Dishonored, Borderlands 2, Torchlight 2 and Hell Yeah!... realisticly... i'll play XCOM for about 30minutes... Dishonored for an hour or so and end up doing other shit :(

      ... such is my life too buddy. You are not alone.

    -Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
    -Resident Evil 6 (PS3)

    The telegram boy delivered the November issue of Bikini Voyeur via the old mail-hole today, so my weekend is certainly going to be one of quiet contemplation inside the gentle ambiance of this noteworthy journal; for the true enthusiast, there is no more of a splendid escape from this very mortal coil.

    I do have something of a "social" engagement at the tennis club on Sunday. "Old Bill" Tremaine found one of them "clandestine" meth labs in a modified sea container down at the docks, near the bay where Mrs Simmons sunk her sailboat for a tidy down payment on a little red convertible and one last shot at the bright lights and Broadway.

    So, in the end, Old Bill salvaged what he could, and on Sundays, at the tennis club, we sell what we can to the local teenagers an other like-minded ne'er-do-wells. Sometimes it's the flotsam and jetsam of this troubled world that is the very thing that welcomes you into a certain unsupposed sunshine behind what may at first seem like nothing more than the very unending clouds of a more sinister discontent.

    On Saturdays, I like to watch the television news in the evening, and then I have bridge club until later into the night. I don't like bridge, but it's a good place to score free cigarettes and many of the ladies there find a certain inner peace - and their inner samaritan too - in the gentle escape and pleasant solace of knitting me cardigans and socks for winter's darkest days. They say charity begins at home; for me it really ignites in the sometimes fiery auto-wreck that is Saturday night and bridge club.

    So this weekend: it's a bit of this, a bit of that, and a bit of the other. Like that box of chocolates professed in the infinite wisdom of that Gump fellow -- what a rube. Have you seen that movie? Is it not the worst? Forrest Gump won the 1994 Academy Award for best picture. Pulp Fiction didn't. Lance Armstrong was doped to the eyeballs. Tiger Woods power-banged every whore in Vegas. I'm not a bad person; the world made me this way. A world where nothing is as it seems. Where do you turn? Daytime television and a simple life shining in the gentle hum of the harbour lights, that's where. That's why I don't dream no more, because dreaming is for them with eyes wide shut; that's pretty much just a Tom Cruise reference, make of it what you will . . . in the explicit knowledge that Tom Cruise was in Magnolia, Risky Business, The Colour of Money, Rain Main, Days of Thunder, Top Gun, Vanilla Sky, and on and on the wheel turns. What is it when greatness is so electric as to mirror a certain sense of an undeniable perpetual motion? What is that? I call it Tom Cruise.

    And "that's so cool to Cruise, baby."

      This post deserves an honourable mention.

      "Tiger Woods power-banged every whore in Vegas" - beautiful.

    Dishonored. Spent three hours last night, stopped after leaving the Hound Pits Pub. So much to see! No objective markers makes a huge difference, too - having to remember what I'm really supposed to be doing is doubly difficult when I keep getting sidetracked by every book, safe, and side-path... Loving it!

    Borderlands 2 finish the robot slaughter on round 3 atm finish the creature slaughter on round 5 atm with that one kill jack with the commando then level up the other 4 characters. Still on first play through.

    I have no time for video games, I'm playing a LARP instead! The world is somewhat like LoTR and a generic D&D campaign.
    Oh, ho ho, but soooo much more immersive! You guys should try it, it's like MMORPGs in the real world! The interaction between you and the environment is incredible! Ultra-HD realistic graphics! ^o^

    Pokemon Black 2. Surprised by the lack of people mentioning it.

      They're mostly not allowed mobile phones in class

        BS mate im 29 and i just bought it yesterday, in fact 2 copies one for me and one for the missus, its one of teh only games she enjoys so we play together..
        only reason i didnt mention it is, i still have 2 sages to find in the first black game, and to beat the elite 4 once more, so should be doing that this weekend behind dishonored, cant start 2 before i finish 1, which is a new experience for me, cos... the whole pokemon sequal thing is odd.... never had to worry about finishing the story before lol

          Correction. Can't use their phones at work.
          Yep, grabbing it. 22

          I think your time may have been better spent in class. ;-)

    Most probably cs;go, and hammer

      Csgo is really a sleeper. The more you play the more fun it seems to be. Enjoying it much more than previous cs games.

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