What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Well, nothing too massive being released this week, so it'll probably be business as usual for me over the weekend: Dishonored is still unfinished. I also anticipate biting the bullet and downloading the new Trials Evolution DLC. Oh, and I almost forgot, The Unfinished Swan should be out now!

But what are you guys and girls playing this weekend? It's a pretty busy one for me, so I'll be grabbing time when I can get it!


    Master race 4 life, yo! Well, Mac and a VM actually, so really not very mastery at all.

    1) Anna's Quest (finally) thanks to an awesome gift from D.C.

    2) The Walking Dead: I've been saving these all up for when I'm away from my consoles, so I'm going to power through as much as I can this weekend!

      Haha! Happy to do it, man. Hope you like it!

      I'll be playing XCOM most likely! Get riled up at losing the TAY named squad members. :'(

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    Well, I finally finished Darksiders 2 last night (disappointed with how easy the final boss was). So I'll probably move onto Borderlands 2, X-COM, Doom BFG. I'll put a little bit of time into Gears 3 so I can re-up a second time, maybe a little bit of time into Transformers or even RE6.

    Other then that, weekly D&D:E and Warmachine.

    -Donkey Kong County Returns (Wii)
    -Final Fantasy VII (PSP)

    RE5 gold, PS All stars beta, maybe some GW2 if I can find the time and the mrs isn't on the computer lol.

    Dishonored, BL2 Pirate DLC and Trials Evo DLC for me. Maybe some Rocksmith....

    Borderlands 2. Finished TVHM and got the platinum trophy during the week and have started on the new DLC

    Still plugging away at Borderlands 2. Even though I have yet to finish off my first playthrough with my main character.

    This weekend will likely be a continuation of a alternate playthrough with a couple of friends, think we stalled when we were around level 8-9 or so.

      True story. 1am Saturday morning checking all the doors around the house are locked before u go to bed and there on the front step is a parcel from my Brother which nobody has spotted during the day. Inside Borderlands 2! Who says nothing good happens after midnight!

    Drunk Fruit Ninja Kinect! It's the best drunk game since Drunk Mario Tennis 64 :D

    Haven't had a chance to play much Dishonored, so I'll jump into that.

    Also more NBA 2K13. Anyone found a good set of sliders yet? Every one I've used has been average.

    I feel like a grooved, vinyl disc with a recurring audio loop. BL2 with friends. We're hoping to finish playthrough 1 (they only get to play on weekends) and start the DLC. Hyperdimension Neptunia in between, as well as Tomba! I've also gotten back into a game project I'm working on so technically I'll be playing that too.

    Finally got some time with XCOM this week, definitely playing on the weekend. Started playing last ight at 8.30, next thing I knew I'd lost one of my senior squad members and it was 1am.
    That game has some serious hooks.

    Bowling and laser tag... My bucks night is here.

    Is it sad that because I don't drink I'm actually the designated driver?

    Prob go along with xcom. not sure how much is left in the game, been awesome

    Forza Horizon :) and Football Manager 2013

      Has Forza Horizon broken street date?If so where?

        early industry copy from MS :)

    I imagine I'll see a lot of Borderlands 2 this weekend since it's the go-to co-op game for myself and my wife until Halo 4 comes out, but I want to squeeze in some X-Com. I'm still only about an hour and a half in but I'm being bombarded with tweets about my TAYfriends getting me killed in action in their squads. Time to return the favour. >:)

    Dishonored. I really want to finish it before the next wave of games, but I also want to take my time and enjoy it...can only really set aside the time necessary for it on weekends, so it may be going on the backburner when AC3 comes out...

    X-COM, and if i can steal the TV some dishonoured on the Xbox.

    Mostly XCOM. Probably some War of the Roses too.

    Mostly XCOM also.. but also some more Borderlands 2.. and some of my Indie Royal Bundle games (Reprisal is surprisingly fun)..

    Well looks like i'll be watching more then playing.

    BarCraft in Adelaide for the GSL finals and DreamHack =)
    Excited is a understatment....beer and games, win win.

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    Guild Wars 2 + XCOM + Dishonored + Strategic Command WWI
    Add a dose of The One Ring RPG and Game of Thrones board game
    = a good plan for the week end :p

    Finishing Dishonoured, some WRC 3 and back into Borderlands 2

    Dishonored... Though frankly, I've only been booting it up to go teleporting around the first map, blinking into mid air, killing people, killing myself, etc.

    It is a good thing.

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