What Happens When Mario Galaxy Meets Minecraft

This is MaK (pronounced "Make"), an upcoming game from indie outfit Verge Game Studio. Primarily a "third-person physics sandbox game with an action focus", it's based around the idea of building, customising and moving around some tiny little planets.

Which means, yeah, you can build stuff out of blocks, but because the game's got a complex physics engine you can also create more elaborate devices like weapons, circuits and even vehicles.

All of which sounds, and looks, pretty damn promising. MaK has a Steam Greenlight page, linked below, you can check out to help get the thing off the drawing board and into people's hands.

MaK [Steam]


    This looks kind of awesome. Would be good if there was some form of build a base and defend it from aliens type mode.

    I wouldn't count this as "Minecraft" related.

    Unless you also want to count the ship-building aspect of Kingdom Hearts as "Minecraft" inspired. Kind of like Lego, that shameless rip-off of Minecraft.

      Any game where you can build using cubes is now compared to Minecraft unfortunately.

    That's exactly what I'd expect Mario Galaxy 3 to look like on Wii-U. Come on, Nintendo, get your shit together.

    Little Big Planet meets Garry's Mod? Sweet!

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