What Hotline Miami Is All About

What Hotline Miami Is All About

I could write lots and lots of words about the super-cool, super-violent new PC game Hotline Miami. In fact, I’ve already kinda done that.

The game is: Awesome. You should: Play it. But if you’re still unsure what it’s all about, check out this playthrough of the first level, uploaded by JereHakala. This guy/gal is waaaay better at the game than I am, but that makes it pretty fun to watch just how quickly and crazily a level can go down.

Also, go listen to the whole soundtrack, because it is killer.


  • So what is it all about then? Everyone keeps saying how good it is, but I don’t get why – It just looks like you run in, smack everyone to death, then run out, and get a score for it. Is there some deeper game element that I’m missing? Or is it really just like the first GTA without the cars, or missions, or anything that makes it a game worth playing?

    • Me too.. i’ve watched the trailers and videos absed on other people’s recommendations.. but I just don’t get why this is so good.

  • I bought this game and played through it in 4 hours. It was definitely fun, but it also definitely doesn’t deserve a 10/10. The combat is great most of the time (it can be buggy), but it doesn’t really introduce anything new, and the two “bosses” are just annoying. The pixel aesthetic is neat enough, but it’s been done before plenty of times. The story is jammed into a game too small for it to be cohesive. It feels like they were trying to make something a bit like GTA Vice City if it was made in 1998, but without any kind of map, a really linear, short playing time, or any kind of inventory. This could be a really awesome GTA demake, but really it just ends up being quite disappointing. It’s just way too small a game, in almost every aspect, which is a real shame, because the ideas there are good, the levels are very well designed, the music is top-notch and the art is quite out of the ordinary.

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