What Phone Do You Play Games On?

Are you an iPhone gamer? Android fan? Windows Phone addict? Xperia loyalist? While the mobile phone gaming industry has settled into a set of easily manageable platforms over the past few years, there's still plenty of choice. Which have you chosen?

I am currently in possession of four different smartphones dedicated to gaming, covering Android, Windows Phone and iOS. My desk looks like the kitchen table of a corrupt TSA screener. Here's what I'm currently using.

Apple iPhone 4 Wait, you don't have an iPhone 5, Fahey? I do not. The folks at AT&T who convinced me I had an upgrade coming if I made some changes to my account, but it turns out those changes only managed to rob me of the grandfathered unlimited data plan I had been enjoying for several years without making me eligible for an upgrade. I can upgrade iPhone 5 in December, but I don't think I'm going to. I'll keep the iPhone 4 as a glorified iPod Touch for gaming purposes, but I've got my sights set on something a bit more Android-y.

Nokia Lumia 900 The most visually striking phone of the bunch, the Nokia Lumia 900's raised screen and sleek design turns a lot of heads. It's my Windows Phone 7 device, my gateway to Xbox Live-enabled mobile gaming. With Windows Phone 8 handsets around the corner this little beauty might not have a long life to live, but right now it's my constant companion, thanks in no small part to Crimson Dragon: Side Story.

Sony Xperia Ion A loaner procured just in time for the launch of PlayStation Mobile, the Xperia Ion evokes the PlayStation 3 with its unique curved back and sexy 1080p display. It's the phone I'd most likely hook up to my television to act as a multimedia gateway to my networked entertainment.

Samsung Galaxy S III Come December, this phone shall be mine. I previously used a Galaxy S II, which I enjoyed but was a bit too flimsy for my taste. I was sent a loaner Galaxy S III this week to use while testing out a new mobile gaming peripheral (more on that later) and I instantly fell in love. That gorgeous 4.8-inch HD super AMOLED display, the smooth and silky Android interface, the gently rounded back and solid construction — it's got everything I want, and it comes in red.

So I've shown you mine, now you show me yours. What phones are you playing games on? Which would you recommend? Which tastes better? Share with the class.


    None. Never have and never will use my phone to play games on. Consoles and PC's thank you.

      +1 With the exception of like 5 minute time wasters.

      Thanks to all those consoles and PCs you can shove in your pocket, you're covered right?

      And no, don't throw the 3DS or Vita at me. Dedicated handhends are no longer 'pocketable.' I own all 3 current consoles, a gaming rig and a 3DS but when I travel with it, I need to have a shoulder bag. There's a place for smartphone gaming whether you like it or not and the industry's already heading in that direction. But sure, go nuts.

    Tried playing phone games. They just suck. Would never pay for one.

    I don't play actual games on my phone, just silly time-wasters and in those cases it could be anything at all and do the trick.

    The lack of many gaming titles on WP7 is my one grievance with the platform (I especially miss Kairosoft's games, they're good little time wasters).
    That being said, I have an iPod Touch and an El Cheapo Android tablet, but I rarely have those with me, unless I plan to bring them from the get go.

    I use my Xperia play (CM9) to play PS1 and SNES games. Otherwise I stick with my PC or vita for gaming.

    I play games on hands-down the BEST phone for gaming. This is WITHOUT question and is NOT up for debate, as it's the ONLY phone with dedicated gaming controls.

    That's right, the Xperia Play.

    And it's awesome.

      It does, how ever only have a single core processor, which means multitasking sucks.

        Man fuck multitasking, just play the damn game you dont need to read txt or make phone calls while playing it

          And on that note, I have received calls and sms on occasion while playing games and the phone handles it just fine. I'm also yet to run into a game that the Xperia Play struggles with. It might only have a single core processor but it's a surprisingly zippy device.

          That's not what multi-tasking is on mobile. It's not like PC with several active programs, sipping juice. Every single process on a mobile that's running in the background (phone dialler, messaging, browser, music player, email) sucks resources and the Xperia Play doesn't have much.


    ... what? I have Skype, so technically...

    HTC One X.

    Its nvidia Tegra 3 processor and big screen make it easily the best android phone to play games on. THD games look fantastic.

    Seriously, if you are after a new phone, and you plan to play games on it, One X beats the GS3 easily. They are very similar phones in almost every other regard, except for the processor and GPU, Nvidias is much better.

    Having said that, the only time I ever really play mobie games is on the toilet :)


      Tegra 3 - One X, Transformer prime, Nexus 7....

      vs standard android

      +1, but I get the S4 processor (Telstra 4G version) and it simply blazes.

    Xperia Play :)
    I wish they had an updated version running JB and maybe a slightly larger screen.

    PS Vita...whoops wrong article.

    I love to play GBA games on my Samsung GS2, also Osmos.

    I have a Galaxy S3, and so far the only games I've found which I enjoy are Angry Birds and Sudoku Plus. And Sudoku is only arguably a "videogame". Real Racing is impressive graphically but sucks to play, and I can't be bothered trolling through the Apps store to find decent ones.
    Anyone with suggestions of other great Android games, please let me know!

    I play pokemon with an emulator on the original galaxy s (own physical copies so I dont feel I'm doing anything wrong) I'm looking at getting the note II in May after my contract ends
    the bigger screen should make virtual controls a bit more bearable

    >play games
    oh right, I'm on kotaku.

    Does twitter and Facebook count? LOL
    My phone is for phone calls, txts, music and twitter/fb - games would just drain the battery faster. I have my 3DS XL with me for gaming.

    iPhone 4 is okay playing games. Screen too small. Probably I would go for samsung s3

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