What The Multiplayer Looks Like In The Next Game From Minecraft Creators

Forget about fantasy and those armless creepers. Mojang's next game is going sci-fi. We've already seen one glimpse at an early build of 0x10c, but that one didn't have sound. The newest video uploaded by Mojang CEO Markus "Notch" Persson lets you hear the blasters and computer interfaces, as well as offering a glimpse at what first-person action looks like in the game world.

It's early, yes, but it sure makes 0x10c look really unique.


    Is there going to be an article here for every single tidbit that Notch posts?

      Considering I wouldn't have been bothered to find it anywhere else, I hope so

      i have seen nothing on this game since this w as announced, so i am very interested in this.

      also, what is up with the notch hate? a year ago notch was god, now it appears half the internet hates him for no good reason.

    God they really need to upgrade their microphones. The sounds in Minecraft are utterly atrocious and these don't sound any better.

    Cool...I like the retro old school shooter look it has. I just hope they do something special with it to differentiate it from the classic shooters, both graphically and with the gameplay, otherwise it won't be retro, it'll just be old.

    This looks sad. Minecraft had a certain charm about it, but this just looks like a bodgy hack of a game from a defunct 90's developer. Perhaps Notch should hold off on the videos until there's some actual gameplay to show off.

    PHWOA! That looks incredimaze4?!

    ...what's the hook?

    didn't plunkett or someone else post this same thing a month or so ago? i vaguely remember watching it here.

      It was a similar clip, but not the same. The previous clip (I can't recall if it was Plunkett or not) just showed someone running around in single player.

    Looks like the spaceship is run on a c64 :P

      It is a c64. All the player ships are run by a "fully functioning emulated 16 bit CPU that can be used to control your entire ship".

      It looks like this game is going to be as revolutionary and innovative as Minecraft, another win for Notch.

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