What's Better Than Old School Tank Combat? Old School Tank Combat In Space

Don't let the over-the-top and quite frankly incredibly misleading launch trailer put you off Nexon's new free-to-play online iOS game. Space Tanks is the Atari 2600 classic Combat from the future.

It's the little things. Six players gathering online in a top-down tank battle. Toss in a few power-ups, add some enhancement towers, allow players the ability to customise the hell out of their ride and presto, you've got me writing about it.

As you can see, the trailer really doesn't do it justice — I guess that phrase works in this case. It's 2D combat with 3D graphics that, while not spectacular, are nice and lovely and clean. I like the look.

Space Tanks is available now for the iPhone and iPad. It's free, and it seems like it could be a blast, if I just had people to play with.


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