Which Comics Artists Deserve More Attention?

When comics fans rattle off catalogues of great X-Men artists, there are a few names practically guaranteed to be on their lists. Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, John Byrne and Jim Lee are all givens. But me? I love Paul Smith. That's his stuff up there. To me, he's one of comics' greatest unsung comics talents. Who do you think deserves more love?

Taste in artistic styles is a subjective thing. While I think Paul Smith's clean-line minimalism is great, others may prefer a different look to their sequential storytelling. So, who do you think is a great under-appreciated comics artist? Share some artwork from your personal favourites below.


    I've been a fan of Darick Robertson after seeing his work on Transmetropolitan and The Boys

    Jeff Lemire and David Mazzucchelli are two of my favourites (although Mazzucchelli gets plenty of attention)

    Becky Cloonan, Gabriel Bá, Fabio Moon, Jeff Lemire, Rafael Alberqueque, Francesco Francavilla, Giannis Milonogiannis, Simon Roy, Farel Dalrymple. So many talented artists who deserve all of the recognition.

      This one speaks the truth. I'd also add Guy Davis.
      (IMHO, Lemire is overhyped, but plenty of people love him, so engh.)

    John Romita Jnr was me man in the day. I struggled with Marc Silvestri and probably gave up reading the comic after a couple of years of him

    Definetly agree with some of those:
    Darrick Robertson in Transmetropolitan, Gabriel Rodreguez in Locke and Key and Gabriel Ba in Umbrella Academy. All art style I loved straight away.
    Alex Maleev took a while to grow on me but a big fan now.

    David Aja, without question. His work on The Immowral Iron Fist a few years ago was absolutely phenominal!

      ....and according to what I just read, he's joining Matt Fraction again to work on the new Hawkeye book. Fantastic!

    Seriously, check out Kevin Huizenga. Fantastic writer, is really able to get in your head and know how you think, while using a simple but memorable art style. Criminally underrated!
    Here's a taster:

    Also, Adventure Time's Jesse Moynihan. Looks utterly mental, reads awesome.

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