Which Does Soccer Faces Better: FIFA 13 Or PES 2013? Let's Find Out!

There are two big soccer games out: FIFA 13 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2013. Kotaku already proved advice on the differences so perhaps you could make your choice. But if that wasn't enough, why not judge the games on which one can render things like Wayne Rooney's head better?

The Official PlayStation Magazine UK had the two games face off by seeing which ones did better jobs at reproducing the likes of Lionel Messi, Gareth Bale, Franck Ribery, Rio Ferdinand, Gervinho, Marouane Fellaini and Marouane Fellaini's hair.

Many more comparisons over at OPM. Check the link below.

FIFA 13 vs PES 2013 face comparisons: which looks better? [OPM UK]


    PES looks better, but god damn that guy in the main picture is ugly.

      The gut in the main picture is ugly? That means they got his likeness spot on!

    Looks like PES to me, except for Rooney, looks like a Genius Mutant with a massive brain

    PES hands down for me. Lighting also looks a lot better imho.

    It's different for different faces. Rio Ferdinand looks better on FIFA than PES

    If I knew what any of these guys were supposed to look like I might have got more out of this article... I have no interest in soccer. What am even doing here?

    i think pes is closer to how rooney looks minus the giant brain comment

    Rooney in FIFA13 looks more like Kyle Noke from the UFC.

    Sports games should really look into better facial techs such as those used in LA Noire or Heavy rain. Sport games have a lot of freedom with graphics as they only need to focus on such a limited area so it would be cool to see them raise the bar some more. Don't get me wrong, graphics on both of these games are awesome, but their faces always seems so waxy

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