While You Were Sleeping

Morning folks — it's that time again. When we quickly scan over last nights news and write about it for a few paragraphs. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping.

Notch's office is incredible. Minecraft is a massive, phenomenal success so you'd expect that guy to be living like Scarface, and I guess he kinda is. I want money. Someone give me lots of money please.

This is an interesting article, but one I personally have issues with. First off — does Nintendo treat the word 'gamer' like a dirty word? And, secondly, is that a problem? I actually really dislike the word gamer, and have written about this before. Interesting to see a completely different take.

Apparently this mobile game is like an Elder Scrolls title running on a phone. This is what happens when Mario Galaxy meets Minecraft, and fans are making their own Stargate game.

In Short You Won't Believe How Nice Notch's Office Is Nintendo Shouldn't Treat 'Gamer' Like A Dirty Word It Won't Be Long Until An Elder Scrolls Size Game Is Running On A Phone What Happens When Mario Galaxy Meets Minecraft Official Stargate Games Suck, So These Fans Are Making Their Own


    Mark is a handsome rogue!

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