While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the place where we take the news that came in overnight and condense it into one bite-sized post for your non-reading pleasure.

The biggest news overnight is probably Cliff Bleszinski leaving Epic games. A pretty big deal considering how strongly his own personal 'brand' is intertwined with Epic and the Gears of War franchise. Apparently he's just taking a little bit of a break. Full story here.

And here's another mover and shaker: Rich Vogel, the executive producer of Star Wars: The Old Republic has moved to Bethesda. No idea precisely what's being worked on at the moment over there, but it's an interesting move none-the-less.

This is what Terraria looks like on console, PlayStation mobile launches today with 21 games, and this is 15 seconds of Empire Strikes Back turned into an old video game.

In Short Cliff Bleszinski Leaves Epic Games PlayStation Mobile Launches Today With 21 Exciting Games Here's What Indie PC Smash Terraria Looks Like On Console Bethesda Snags Former Executive Producer Of Star Wars: The Old Republic 15 Seconds Of Empire Strikes Back Turned Into An Old Video Game


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