While You Were Sleeping

You know when you have a muscle that twitches automatically? And it's really annoying. Well, that happened to me last night. On my leg. As a result I got about four hours sleep and I am as angry and sleepy as a really grumpy bear. But still, video game news. It happens regardless of my grumpiness! So let's get this show on the road.

Oh man, Hitman Absolution trailers. They never fail to... do stuff. The last trailer kicked up a marvelous fuss for numerous reasons, this remake? Well it's just plain weird.

This story is interesting — this women is apparently part of a Republican smear campaign. Why? Because she plays World of Warcraft. Wow.

These are the worst of the worst quotes from Metacritic user reviews, ScribbleTaku now has a weekend edition, and is it time for Japanese developers to stop hoarding their RPGs?

In Short ScribbleTaku: Weekend Edition World Of Warcraft Playing US Candidate: I'm A Real Person It's Time For Japanese Developers To Stop Hoarding Their RPGs Backhanded Box Quotes: A Flushed Turd Down A Toilet Drain Hitman Absolution's Weirdest Trailer Made Even Weirder With Claymation Cats


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