While You Were Sleeping

I've had an early review copy of Dishonored since late last week and last night? Well, I started playing last night and, you all know how it goes — before I knew it the clock read 2am. Great. I am so tired! But that doesn't mean that the world stood still, oh no! Stuff happened! And you should read about it.

Well, some stuff happened. Angry Birds stuff. Hardly the most important news you'll ever read but it seems as though an Angry Birds Star Wars thing arrives today. Is there anything that can't be blended into this brand? Mario I'm guessing. Right?

Also — here's some Halo stuff. This is an incredible Halo ringworld built out of LEGO and this is the director of the new Halo webseries — apparently Forward Unto Dawn isn't the 'definitive' Master Chief story.

What else? Oh, episode four of the The Walking Dead is out this week.

In Short Director Says Halo Webseries Isn't The Definitive Master Chief Story Super Mario And Angry Birds Make A Pretty Good Team I Hope Master Chief Doesn't Blow Up This Halo Ringworld Angry Birds Star Wars Arrives Today Episode Four Of The Walking Dead Is Out This Week


    My God, the grammar!! It's hurting my eyes.

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