While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the place where we take a quick look at everything that went down overnight in video game land. Which isn't actually a place that exists in real life. I just made it up.

The whole Kevin Butler situation is hilarious. I liked the ads, I loved the concept, but having the man Sony hired to pimp Sony products get busted playing a Wii — it's just too good. On all levels. Here's some more news on the whole debacle, and here's a Kevin Butler quiz for some reason.

It seems like everyone is really, really excited for the new Sim City. I wasn't too bothered by it until I saw some of the gameplay recently, and was a little bit blown away. Apparently you can watch the makers of Sim City play the game live — head here for details.

He-Man is coming to iOS. WHERE DO I SIGN? Oh, and there are some very interesting games coming to the Vita very soon.

In Short Watch The Makers Of SimCity Play Their New Game Live But Can You Tell Who Kevin Butler Is? Take This Quiz And Find Out The Most Powerful Man In The Universe Is Coming To iOS Bridgestone Says Kevin Butler Wasn't In Its Commercial With The Nintendo Wii Two Weird Games Coming To Vita Very Soon


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