While You Were Sleeping

I'm telling you, Dishonored is doing nothing for my sleep patterns. Absolutely nothing. That's two days in a row I've stayed up late playing the game! It's out today here in Australia, so I expect to have some sleepy heads in here tomorrow. Alright, onto the news.

Just in case you missed the news, THQ Asia Pacific has closed its offices in Australia, which represented the last of THQ's official presence in this country after the closure of THQ Studio Australia and Blue Tongue. Shame. Good luck to all who lost their job.

That Pokemon PETA flash game — man, that group really knows how to push buttons. This Pokemon super fan responds. Probably in the exact, precise way PETA wanted him to!

There are hints that the first Borderlands DLC pack is about pirates. Yar. Wing Commander just got a 21st century successor and there's a guy dressed up as Bayonetta buried in this gallery!

In Short Pokemon Super Fan To PETA — You Guys Are Just Sick And Wrong Meet Wing Commander's 21st Century Successor Borderlands 2 Update Hints That Its First DLC Pack Is All About Pirates Bayonetta Loves More Than The Wii U, She Loves Her Fancy Outfit THQ Asia-Pacific Closes Australian Offices


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