While You Were Sleeping

Just getting up? Just sitting down at your desk? Why not waste a couple of minutes — come on, you know you want to! This is While You Were Sleeping, where we regale your good selves with the all the news kicking off during the last couple of days.

Alright, so it was a rumour for a while, so I held off on reporting it, but now it seems as though it's 100%: Halo 4 has leaked and it is now out in the wild. You may want to watch out for spoilers. What a shame to see the hard work of so many people just sort of splurged out there without any control...

In other Halo related news, the second part of the Halo miniseries has been released. If you've been following it, head here to catch the latest vid.

Is Valve's next big game an MMO? A space MMO to be more precise? Well, head to this story to find out. This is a cool 'how to survive the zombie apocalypse' thing, and this is the disappointing news that Metro Last Light will not have multiplayer.

In Short How To Survive The Zombie Apocalypse The Drama Of Life In The UNSC Continues In This Live Action Halo Webseries Multiplayer Jettisoned From Metro Last Light Is Valve's Next Big Game A Space MMO Spoiler Alert: Halo 4's Out In The Wild So Be Careful What You Read


    That was me this morning after staying up half the night to watch Felix Baumgartner's space jump.

    I'm actually excited that multiplayer has been dropped from Metro Last Light..... the SP gameplay and story are what bring me to that IP.
    I'm not being one of the people in the *OMG IT HAS MP WTF IS THIS NOOOOOOO* camp by any means. MP could very well be pretty fun. But ditching it is certainly no game breaker, and no big disappointment. It's just not why people play Metro.

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