While You Were Sleeping

Wakey wakey people. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that takes you through the morning news with a yawn and a grimace.

You may remember that EA had an issue over the last couple of days — a screw up in Origin resulted in multiple customers being given huge numbers of games for free on origin. Turns out some people weren't too happy about that situation...

And speaking of online digital distribution, it seems like Steam has now chosen the next 20 games to be chosen for its Greenlight service. How many of you folks have been voting? What have you been voting for?

Apparently these 20 chinese bureaucrats lost their jobs for playing video games at work. Oh man. This is some incredibly cute cosplay from New York's Comic Con and Jesse from Breaking Bad? He's going to be in the upcoming Need for Speed movie.

In Short Some Gamers Are Really Pissed At EA For Screwing Up This Weekend Valve Announced 20 More Games For Steam Greenlight The Incredibly Cute, Clever Cosplay Of New York Comic Cons Last Two Days Nearly Twenty Chinese Bureaucrats Fired For Gaming At Work Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul Set To Star In A 2014 Need For Speed Movie


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