While You Were Sleeping

Morning everyone. Looking for something to distract you before you get kicking with real life? We've got your back. Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the wrap up post that let's you know what's happening in the world of them video games.

So What's happening? Well, not too much, but since I'm a massive fan of Mark of the Ninja, I thought this was an interesting thing — it's a video that was part of the initial pitch to Microsoft, the video that helped convince Microsoft that paying for the game was a good idea.

Sony's PSN has a new 'Adult' category. When you say the word 'adult' you tend to think of gore, pornography, etc. But the only game in the 'adult' section of PSN is Shadow of the Colossus! What's going on!

This is Stephen Totilo's favourite new Wii U stat, this is proof that covering a PlayStation in stickers is not very 'gangster' and this is the ultimate video game dance off you've all been 'waiting' for.

In Short

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