While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, it’s Thursday and I am feeling relatively refreshed. Time to trawl through the best of the news coming in overnight!

This should really be no surprise to folks keeping track of Foxconn, but it looks as though the folks assembling the Wii U in China were doing so under some pretty terrible working conditions. This is the world we live in folks, and it is a cruel, cruel place indeed.

It seems as though we have a games publisher suing a music star. That’s a little bit different. Last time this situation occurred (Guitar Hero/No Doubt) the shoe was on the other foot.

This is a genuinely amazing God of War tattoo, this is perhaps the coolest Borderlands 2 easter egg yet, and apparently Xbox LIVE users think Obama won the Presidential Debate (of course he won).

In Short
This Might Be My Favourite Borderlands 2 Easter Egg Yet, Courtesy Of The New DLC
One Impressive God of War Tattoo
Ubisoft Is Suing The Black Eyed Peas
Report: Chinese Kids Were Used To Manufacture The Wii U
Xbox LIVE Gamers Think Obama Won The Second Debate


  • Obama did not win this debate. It was a tie, or slightly in Romney’s favour. The only reason people declare that he “won” is because Obama was SO awful during the first debate that any debate where he doesn’t look like an idiot is amazing.

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