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Wakey wakey folks, and welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the place that catches you up on the news that went on while you were catching zzzzs.

It has felt a little quiet on the Battlefield front. This time last year it was all anyone wanted to talk about but now? I guess it's just the quiet achiever. There is some news, however, on this game — apparently Battlefield 3 Aftermath is about to seriously shake up multiplayer. Have a look and see for yourselves.

The Wii U is creeping closer. Hard to believe we're on the verge of the first major console launch in six years. Crazy that it's been so long. Apparently you can voice chat on the Wii U... but with one catch!

So Doom 3, do its graphics hold up? This is the question. This is the sort-of predictable leap of faith, Felix Baumgartner thing that is still pretty cool, and this is Nintendo's most bizarre collaboration of 2012.

In Short Felix Baumgartner's Great Leap Of Faith You Can Voice Chat On The Wii U While Gaming, But There's A Catch First Look Battlefield 3 Aftermath Ready To Shake Up Multiplayer Do Doom 3's Graphics Hold Up? Nintendo's Most Bizarre Collaboration Of 2012


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