While You Were Sleeping

Just woken up? Just hitting the office? Just looking for an excuse to hold off from starting the day properly? That's what While You Were Sleeping is for — we take a quick gander at the overnight news so you don't have to!

The big news is the iPad. There's a new one. Well there's two new ones to be precise — there's the new actual iPad, more powerful, etc — but there's also an iPad Mini, which has a smaller screen and is closer to a Nexus 7 size. Interesting stuff.

And Zynga has just laid off more than 100 developers. Pretty big deal. Apparently they've closed down an entire studio in Boston.

You've probably already seen the Iron Man 3 trailer, but just in case you haven't here it is! That Modern Warfare map that had to be removed for offensive imagery is now back, and this is how you transform Grand Theft Auto IV into Zelda, Mass Effect, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Halo. Take your pick!

In Short Apple Announced New Fourth Generation iPad With Double Graphics Power Transform Grand Theft Auto IV Into Zelda, Mass Effect, TMNT, Or Halo Modern Warfare Map Returns Minus The Offensive Imagery Zynga Lays Off More Than 100 Game Developers The First Iron Man 3 Trailer Is Pretty Damn Great


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