While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to the beginning of the grind! And welcome to While You Were Sleeping, the post that allows you to delay work for five more minutes and get caught up on all the news that went down while you were catching some serious zeds.

This is more of a 'While You Were Weekending' post, but a fair amount of awesome stuff went down over the weekend.

Like this post — apparently Grand Theft Auto V posters have leaked, citing a September 2013 release date. Given that we're on the verge of a deluge of new info on GTAV, it makes sense. We'll have to wait and see, however, if that September release date will hold true. I doubt Rockstar will confirm anything at this stage.

And I like this by Jason Scheier: Let's Worry About The Games We Already Have. In general folks embroiled in games tend to constantly look forward, but it is nice to, once in a while just enjoy the games we're playing right now. Personally speaking, I'm especially guilty of this.

What else? Well, Medal of Honor Warfighter didn't review that well. Zynga is actually moving into real online gambling, and apparently 3DS digital downloads are no going down very well here in Australia. Interesting.

In Short Let's Worry About The Games We Already Have Zynga's Bringing Farmville To Online Gambling Supposed GTAV Posters Promise Autumn 2013 Release Date Eight Reviewers Go To War Against Medal Of Honor Warfighter Nintendo 3DS Digital Downloads Not So Popular In Australia


    I'm starting to hear about microtransactions for AC3.

      Micros? I've heard of the season pass, what are we gonna be able to buy abilities or something for multiplayer?

    Don't those GTAV posters say Spring? (i.e polish spring, i.e our Autumn, i.e April-ish?)

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