Who Would Win In A Fight: Indiana Jones or Nathan Drake? 4Chan Or Reddit?

PlayStation All-Stars is a video game designed to answer hypotheticals. Who would win in a fight — Sly Cooper or Ratchet, Nathan Drake or a Big Daddy, Raiden or Kratos. So when we got the chance to talk with the game's director Omar Kendell, we thought we'd ask him some hypothetical questions of our own. Who would win in a fight between William Wallace and Shaft? Or Barack Obama vs Abraham Lincoln?

Nathan Drake vs Indiana Jones

Omar Kendell: "Oh that's an interesting question. I think... um. I'm not saying this because I work at Sony, but I'm going to give it to Drake, because he's accumulated a massive body count over the course of four games now. I know Indy has killed a guy or two, but Drake has taken out about 12 countries at this point. I'll give it to Drake."

Winner: Nathan Drake

Iron Man vs Batman

Omar Kendell: "Iron Man versus Batman? Does Batman have forewarning? If he does, I'm gonna have to give it to Batman. If it was just the two of them meeting in the street maybe Iron Man could take it, but if Batman has time to prepare, I think he can pretty much take anybody."

Winner: Batman

William Wallace vs Shaft

Omar Kendell: "Oh, interesting. Gosh... I guess William Wallace. [Laughs] Does Shaft kill people? I don't even know...

"I have to think if you've had experience in that head to head, one on one, you would have to give the nod to that person — so William Wallace. He would probably just take him out with a large army!"

Winner: William Wallace

4chan vs Reddit

Omar Kendell: "Well, I think the optimist in me — and this is probably going to get my whole life ruined — would really like good to triumph over evil, so I'm going to say Reddit. But just because that's who I'm rooting for!"

Winner: Reddit

Barack Obama Vs Abraham Lincoln

Omar Kendell: "See this one... I'm going to give this to Barack by a mile. There would be a drone going after Abraham Lincoln before he even realised what was happening. It would take Abraham Lincoln time to garner enough support to go head to head against Obama. But Obama would just launch a drone from on high and take him out."

Winner: Barack Obama

Doctor Who vs Marty McFly

Omar Kendell: "I actually have never seen an episode of Doctor Who, I don't know too much about him. So I'm going with Marty."

Winner: Marty McFly

Margaret Thatcher vs Hilary Clinton

Omar Kendell: "I'm going to say Margaret Thatcher actually. Even though I'm pretty fond of Hilary, Margaret Thatcher was really tough in a time when it payed to be tough. So I'm going to give it to Margaret Thatcher."

Winner: Margaret Thatcher

Thanks to Omar Kendell for suffering our strange line of questioning!


    Of course Thatcher, she'd be incredibly scrappy. Plus, Hilary wouldn't be able to use the NHS to get patched up after.

    I agree with most of his answers, but none of his justifications.

    as if doctor who could lose, everytime he gets hit he could regenerate and null out the damage

      The Doctor relies a lot on his enemy stopping at a critical moment while he has a long ramble and then does the thing that gets them killed. And it's been demonstrated that if you shoot him a second time during his regeneration it will kill him stone dead, so if it was against an enemy that didn't give a toss about listening to his end of episode monologue and just shot him then I would say the Doctor is going down. That said I don't think McFly has it in him so the Doctor still wins that round.

      Wrong. As a DR Who fan, I know a thing or two about the Doc. One of those things is that the Doc can only HAVE 12 re-gens. Then there is the fact that each regen makes his body younger, and thus, at some point, he will be in a babys body.

      I do however think that Dr. Who would win. McFly dose not have the Sonic Screwedriver.

      4chan wins, not redit. You forget that 4Chan is not as modarated as Redit, and infact would just dump gay porn all over redit till they go away.

      Ironman and Batman would not fight. They would just work out how much moneys they have, and who ever has the most wins. :P

        12 naturally occurring regens.

        He gained an extra ten or so when they were ceded to him by River Song.

    Umm. No. Tony Stark would beat the living hell out of Bruce Wayne any day. Physically, intellectually and technologically.

      Tony Stark's not a ninja. Fairly sure Bruce vs Tony would be a Bruce all day, every day.

        But it's not Bruce vs Tony, it's Batman vs Iron Man. Batman couldn't even make a dent.

          Batman beat the snot out of Superman. Also has the ability to shut down the Ironman armour with his Waynetech stuff and then take ole crippled Stark apart. Sorry. Case closed.

      Bruce is one of the 3 smartest people on earth in the DC universe (Lex Luthor and Mr. Terrific are the other two), Iron Man is #7 in his, so intellectually, Bruce wins.

      Bruce is one of the top 6 martial artists in the DC Universe (Val Amor, Lady Shiva, Connor Hawke, Bronze Tiger and Cass Caine are the other 5, btw), Tony has had a few self defence lessons from Cap and Happy. Bruce has trained his body to the peak of human capacity, Tony is a recovering alcoholic with a heart condition. Physically, Bruce Wins.

      Technologically, Tony can invent way more advanced stuff than Bruce. Tony wins hands down there. However, to neutralise this advantage, Bruce doesn't have to build Tony's tech, he just has to have a way to disable it. And for the world's greatest detective, with a penchant for adapting existing technologies to his own uses, I give him a better chance at this than most.

      In the Iron Man suit, Tony stands a chance. Without it, he loses outright, no question.

        Stark is smarter than Wayne, I'd say. Just because he's ranked lower in his own universe doesn't mean that he isn't higher than a higher rank in another universe.

      I like to think it'd just end up with Bruce trying to intimidate Stark with his gravelly voice, and Stark would just be there making sarcastic comments about said voice. I doubt either one would really care enough to actually fight the other :P

      All I can imagine is Iron Man flying around, not being able to detect Batman in the first place. And Tony Stark wingeing about how all this technology is an waste of money. "You piece of shit suit!"

    How about Mark Serrels versus Stephen Totilo?

      Well fIne then. I'll just imagine the epic battle of the Kotaku editors on my own.

      How bout Serrels Vs Wildgoose. Tehehehe

    Are we talking Raisers of the Lost Ark Indiana Jones or Kingdom of the shit Skull Indiana Jones?

    Raiders Indy would kick the crap (or just shoot) Nathan Drake.... Kingdom Indy would probably still win, but only because he kicked Drake to death while Drake was rolling around laughing his ass off.


    Last edited 19/06/15 9:27 am

      Drake took some serious punishment in UC3.

        And UC2...
        but on the other hand, Indy doesn't half absorb punishment either...

        Last edited 04/10/12 2:12 pm

          Indy shoots people because he has a cold.
          In Raiders, Ford was supposed to have a sword fight with the guy in the bazaar, but had a cold and asked if Indy could just shoot the guy instead. And it turned out awesome.

            Heh the "renegade interrupt" version of that clip on Youtube is awesome.

    Guys...guys...hang on a sec. I got this.

    Drake vs Indy. TRICK QUESTION! That's just a mirror match, because they're the same character, right? Right.


      Either that, or they join forces to foil the Nazis/secret society/bad guys. Right up until the point where they save the day, because Drake wants to keep some shinies, but Indy knows it BELONGS IN A MUSEUM!

    I'm afraid poor Marty wouldn't stand a chance. In a fight between Marty McFly and the Doctor, the fight would not even start. Marty would be not only dead, but would have never have existed, before they even tapped gloves.

    That said, Margaret Thatcher would own them both.

    Last edited 04/10/12 2:53 pm

    “I actually have never seen an episode of Doctor Who"

    Dr. Who would still tell McFly to return the Almanac.

    4chan vs Reddit... Really? Comparing a site that knows they're bad and a site that thinks they're good but are actually equally bad.


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