Whoah. This Is One Of The Best-Looking Games I Have Ever Seen

Sorry, Battlefield 3. Sorry, Crysis 2. Upcoming driving game Project CARS is here to kick your arse and take your crown.

The crowd-funded (and developed!) racing game has celebrated its one-year anniversary with, what else, but a fan-made trailer.

I know, this is footage from its PC version (it's also due for 360, PS3 and Wii U), and I know, it's a racing game (which always look good, since they've got less detail to worry about), but still. Those lighting effects, those car models...I just can't get my jaw of the floor.

Project C.A.R.S. - One Year [JonZ]

Project Cars [WMD]


    Why is it so jerking? Is that just because it's still in developing development or pre beta version?

      Fairly sure it's because this is fan made. I've seen better gameplay videos, at a higher framerate, looking much better than this.

    I always thought that cars in these games are way too shiny to look realistic.

      They look like 60s jet planes.

    Seriously, looks better than bf3? Thats a very ignorant comment when simply put, it doesnt. Sure, it looks good, but the amount of effects and BAD visual details that i notice make this article seem stupid. Besides Crysis 3 blows everything out the water.

    Those people look like crap (like, 2003-era models), and there's nothing going on in the backgrounds! The tracks are super empty. I'm sorry, but even by car game standards Dirt 3 and Forza 4 look way better than that.

    To be honest I can't see it. Textures were pretty terrible. Looks OK at best, nothing spectacular.

    Really?? This looks pretty bad for a PC game. Hell Forza looks better than this and so does DiRT 2 and 3 on PC.

    Its a race simulator not a game, There is a giant difference these days as you see games like forza go from a realistic approach to a more arcade style gameplay.

    fail jerking video.

    Yeahhhh looks promising but with all the online features and uniqueness of forza Motorsport I don't see it being In my top five racers

    For those saying it looks sparse or unfinished... it's Pre Alpha (as is stated at the end of the video). And from what i understand a lot of this footage was taken from old test versions, most of it as outtakes.

    Looks absolutely awesome - very impressed. With all the pessimistic comments, thought it might suck - it doesn't suck in the slightest, and am loving the attention to detail - especially the tyre deformation.

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