Why Propose With A Diamond When You Could Propose With Portal's Companion Cube?

We've seen Portal proposals and Portal jewelry before. But putting them together into a Companion Cube engagement ring is a new one on me.

The ring is stainless steel and, yes, the cube is a tiny exact replica with its little heart on every side. It was custom made by bmf jewelry for Justin Palmer, who did indeed propose by asking, "Will you be my partner in science?"

She said yes.

Portal Companion Cube Engagement Ring [Custom Made via The Mary Sue]


    Because for some reason people like to tie the commit they're about to make to their hobby, that thing they enjoy in their spare time.

      Yeah something they share and likely have great memories of. Who would want to propose like that?
      What would you recommend Scottums? A diamond ring with no other significance than it's a diamond ring?

    It is a nice ring for a fan, but stainless as an engagement ring is tacky... maybe in white gold or platinum.

      Exactly what I was going to say. A stainless steel engagement ring? Seriously?!

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