Will The Last Of Us Have Co-Op? Maybe.

Will The Last Of Us Have Co-Op? Maybe.

Naughty Dog has already stated that The Last Of Us will not come with co-op integrated into its main campaign, but will the game have a separate co-op mode? Well, with the team recently posting a new ad looking for a ‘co-op Game Designer’.

The designer’s responsibilities will be…

[C]reating mechanics, game modes, progression systems, reward structures, social features, etc. to serve the co-op experience. Creating and iterating gameplay designs with the team, and working in script to implement and/or tune them.

That sounds a lot like The Last Of Us, but it also sounds like pretty much every AAA game in development right now.

The producer will also be involved in “designing andscripting co-op combat encounters” and “AI behavior design” which seems to fit with the whole ‘encounter’ system Naughty Dog seems to be crafting for the game.

If I was to hazard a completely out there guess, I would suggest that Naughty Dog is in the process of possibly creating a separate co-op mode in the vein of games like Halo 4, or Resistance 2. Maybe a Left 4 Dead style mode? It could also be a simple mode within the game’s multiplayer?

It’d difficult to say at this stage — we can only speculate. Naughty Dog hasn’t even shown off multiplayer for The Last Of Us, so we really have no idea what it could possibly look like.

The Last Of Us: Naughty Dog Hiring For Co-Op Multiplayer Dev [NowGamer]


  • As long as they do it like Uncharted 3, I won’t have a problem. Uncharted 3 had an amazing single player campaign, and separate multiplayer and co-op experiences for those that wanted them.

  • As long as they let me throw bricks at the enemy if i play as the girl im happy, that was the best moment in the gameplay trailer.

    “Hey you” Thwak /brick to the face

  • You’d think it’d be starting to get a bit late in the development cycle to be starting to create stuff like that? I’m not saying it won’t have co-op, but if they’re hiring for that kind of thing at the moment I suspect it’d more likely be for their next project after The Last Of Us (presumably that’ll be on PS4).

    • That’s what I was thinking… If they’re aiming to release it Q2 next year, it’s a little late to be only just starting development on coop… If it weren’t Naughty Dog, I’d say it was an indication of post-launch DLC…

    • Couldn’t it simply be that they’re going through a sort of Crunch period and are spreading themselves thin and so they hire more people to get the job done?

  • Cooperative The Last Of Us could theoretically work, but only as an aside. It’s clear that a lot of the characterization of Joel is based around caring for and protecting Ellie; a thematic element which would be thrown out the window if she was controlled by someone else. Scripted actions, and character interactions with NPC’s are how Naughty Dog built relationships in Uncharted, and since the storytelling style in TLoU looks to be very similar I hope they keep Ellie completely unplayable.
    I’m not against a co-op mode, not at all – but stay out of my single-player campaign, thankyou.

  • All speculation, whilst it may or may not, one must also remember that Naughty Dog also now have 2 completely seperate teams… so this hiring might be for a completely different unannounced project (Uncharted 4, lol).

    • It’ll be interesting to see if they do go with Uncharted 4 for their next game. On the one hand they’ve got history that suggests they go for a new IP with each console generation (Crash Bandicoot, Jak & Daxter and now Uncharted). On the other hand, maybe The Last Of Us is their new IP and it’s just had to start out on PS3 due to the extended console cycle. And I’m sure Sony would be very keen to have something as huge as Uncharted 4 as a PS4 launch title.

  • mmmmmm, honestly i think it’s more likely to maybe be for uncharted 4…. co-op makes more sense in that game…

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