Win! Awesome Dredd 3D Collectables, Comics And 20 Double Movie Passes!

Dredd 3D hits cinemas this Thursday with the man himself played by Karl Urban, who we interviewed last week. It’s beautifully bloody sci-fi; a brutally visual feast. Kotaku has secured over $1500 worth of Dredd schwag and we want you to have it. Here’s how to enter.

Entering the comp is simple:

1. You must be a registered Kotaku Australia member. Not a member? Register here.

2. Watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments if you could slow time down to 1% speed, what would you do and why?

Best responses as judged by Mark will win...

Prizes on offer are as follows:

Dredd Comic

1x Main Prize Pack

•Dredd 3D movie double movie pass (RRP $44.00) •Dredd 3D teaser poster signed by Judge Dredd aka Karl Urban (RRP $150) •Dredd Badge (RRP $110.00) •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

20 x Runners-up Prize Packs:

•Dredd 3D double pass, RRP $44.00 •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

Entries close at 4PM AEDT this Friday 28th October, with winners announced that afternoon.

Full terms and conditions here.

Dredd poster, signed by Karl Urban
Dredd Badge


    The question I have with this would I have the necessary muscle control and timely reflex? In Scenario A that would allow this, I will become Ozymandias. Scenario B, I would probably jump out of a plane with parachute in tow.

    “You will begin to touch heaven, Jonathan, in the moment that you touch perfect speed. And that isn’t flying a thousand miles an hour, or a million, or flying at the speed of light. Because any number is a limit, and perfection doesn’t have limits. Perfect speed, my son, is being there.” -Richard Bach

    I would treat my life like i was Bill Murray in groundhog day.

    Probably go and find ladies who are in the shower, because boobs.

    (this is just to re-enter because I wasn't logged in previously)

    I'd use it to become an F-Zero driver, and win all of the tournaments.

    Bu not before using it to give myself enough time to create a kickarse Capt. Falcon costume.

    I would use it to do teleporting tricks. Wee teleporting and breaking physics.

    Well since it slows everything down I'd probably revisit accidentally knocking a large picture frame off a high spot on the wall. Yes it will still fall, break apart and smash sending glass flying up the hallway but this time it will look freaking spectacular!

    Throw water bombs at people and see the realization and horror on their face as it comes at them and then the slow ripples in the balloon as it bursts and water saturates them.
    It's not a master plan but hey got to have a little fun in life :)

    I would finally show my kitty who's boss.

    Last edited 23/10/12 8:21 pm

    I would complete no hit speed runs of YouTube's most popular speed run games for mass Internet fame.

    What any true stoner would do:
    Listen to Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" followed by "Dark Side of the Moon" then finishing with the entirety of of Led Zepplin's discography.

    Id Run around and place "Kick Me" stickers on everyone's back.

    I'd like to play against Koreans in Starcraft, just to see how an advantage that big compares.

    Go on holiday somewhere fabulous. A week would last almost 2 years! That's one heck of a holiday!!

    I would use it to find a way to cheat at Ostrich Polo

    I woud use it to slow down an orgasm and enjoy those extra minutes of bliss. I mean it slows down the perception of time it’s not like it makes you super quick or anything. You would still be at the limit of what your physical body could do. Yeah watching something at 1% would be awesome but that’s already possible thanks to high speed cameras. And the same goes for listening to something.
    The only unknown thing you would be able to achieve by slowing down your perception of time is feeling things, and when it comes to that sense what is better than having an orgasm?

    Take my time to think of a proper answer to a girl before she slaps my face.

    I'd love to see these things in slow motion:

    - breaking delicate things (china, eggs, glasses) with marbles launched from a slingshot.
    - someone yanking off a band-aid and their facial expressions

    I would remove the time-dilating drugs from those junkies' mouths and replace them with Nuke because my ultimate plan for city-wide drug possession would go unhindered since that particular drug is from a competitive franchise and consequently the Judges wouldn't be able to mention, think nor hunt for Nuke as it would breach copyright infringement. Hehe.

    Last edited 24/10/12 12:46 am

    Slap my University lecturer stupid and then scream at her "I AM THE LAW"

    Completely waste it staring at a lava lamp.

    If I could slow time to 1% of it's speed i'd probably never do it as I'd get angry and extremely impatient. I can't go anywhere with traffic, can't watch tv, internet will go slow and my favourite hobby of juggling will just suck.

    I want to say that I'd do something really clever, but I know that I'd probably just use it to procrastinate more.

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