Win! Awesome Dredd 3D Collectables, Comics And 20 Double Movie Passes!

Dredd 3D hits cinemas this Thursday with the man himself played by Karl Urban, who we interviewed last week. It’s beautifully bloody sci-fi; a brutally visual feast. Kotaku has secured over $1500 worth of Dredd schwag and we want you to have it. Here’s how to enter.

Entering the comp is simple:

1. You must be a registered Kotaku Australia member. Not a member? Register here.

2. Watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments if you could slow time down to 1% speed, what would you do and why?

Best responses as judged by Mark will win...

Prizes on offer are as follows:

Dredd Comic

1x Main Prize Pack

•Dredd 3D movie double movie pass (RRP $44.00) •Dredd 3D teaser poster signed by Judge Dredd aka Karl Urban (RRP $150) •Dredd Badge (RRP $110.00) •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

20 x Runners-up Prize Packs:

•Dredd 3D double pass, RRP $44.00 •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

Entries close at 4PM AEDT this Friday 28th October, with winners announced that afternoon.

Full terms and conditions here.

Dredd poster, signed by Karl Urban
Dredd Badge


    Move every seat from under every ass I could find, and put thumbtacks under those I couldn't move. My evil knows no boundaries.

    I would use my powers for boring practical good in the world, I would go grocery shopping and be able to get everything I need fast without people getting in my way, I would always get a seat on the train by being the first one on, and going to a concert I could always be in the front row.

    I would slow down the drive to and from work. Would get a longer sleep in if I could cut my 30 minute drive down to 30 second real-ime drive, and would get more time for xbox and wife time if I could get home just as fast

    Bomb off an Olympic diving board into a pool filled with bubbles at sunset while Underworld's 'Born Slippy' burbles in the background. Oh and I'd set off the fireworks after I splashed in -did I mention the fireworks?

    I'd think of something really awesome to do then probably waste it waving my hand under a running tap.

    If my brain perceived time running at 1% I would go and have sex, it would be the best 500 seconds of my life.

    Keep time in slow mo forever because time goes so fast and there is only one life to live.

    Like the movie, I'd BASE jump.. but unlike the movie, I'd use a parachute..

    I would plant booby traps all over my workplace to make my day semi-amusing

    I would climb a ladder to the heavens and jump off (knowing i would survive of course) and catch enjoy the view of the world all the way from the top down. I would probably be able to understand life a litter and the humor that comes with it when your looking at it from above!!

    I would climb a ladder to the heavens and jump off (knowing i would survive of course) and enjoy the view of the world all the way from the top down. It would be a good way to understand life a little better and the humor that comes with it when your looking at it from above!!

    I'd park boobs a seat next to Shiggy at the showers boobs of some US sorority house with drinks and popcorn boobs. An insane amount of boobs high fives will ensue. If I get a chance, I might pay Fort Knox a visit to recuperate some of my flight costs, and some loose change. :P

    ...Also, Boobs...

    Last edited 24/10/12 9:44 am

    Base jumping off a cliff to ones end!!! but if its in slow mo would you live???

    Like in the movie Click by Adam Sandler, I would slap my boss silly! That will make me feel sooooooo good!

    I'd have a better chance at stopping my kids from breaking my stuff! - the ability to get to the Bowl, Glass, or Large TV before it smashes to the ground would save us all a lot of heart ache. *8vD
    (Meanwhile, here's hoping I get free Tickets to see a Movie.)

    enter as many competitions as i could to ensure i win.

    stick myself as an extra in as many films, tv shows as i can, for a where's wally book for my descendents

    Let's see...well the first thing i'd do is slow down time at PAX next year, even with a 3 day pass i doubt i'll get to see/do everything! Then i'd probably nick in to a few bank vaults(cost of living is too damn high!) and leave them an IOU. Then take that money to the casino and rig the roulette table(hey, they can afford it!). After i've won, return the money to the bank and rinse and repeat with the winnings.
    Once I have enough dough to open my own paintball field, i'd use my awesome powers to trounce other players and literally dodge paintballs.
    Sorry, felt like I needed to pad that out a little.

    I would use my slow time to perform the ultimate Mortal Kombat inspired uppercut on my boss. Whoooopsie -slow time voice- Why? Well I can't describe him here with the offensive language filter.

    Last edited 24/10/12 12:42 pm

    I'd hang out in the perfume dept. of Myer, and wait for ladies to spray sample perfumes, then rush in and block the spray, and replace it with a rancid wet fart and then sit back and watch their reaction when they discover the wonder of Chanel No2!

      The wonder's of wet fart, no.2! You'd get to watch that mud mist in action! haha

    I'd get the highest world score in every reaction based game every. Logically this would get me all of the ladies and money, right?

    Somehow make it into the 100m sprint finals and make Usain Bolt cry like a little girl when he sees how slow he really is.

    Follow Sylvester Stallone and leave post it's with a Dredd Helmet drawn on it and the note "You know what you did wrong!" on anything he touch's for as long as he lives.

    I'd also want to observe a nuke going off at that speed, i think the shockwave and blast radious would be incredible to see.

    Last edited 24/10/12 11:57 am

    To be honest I would do nothing, but I will enjoy all that extra gaming time and I would also enjoy the extra years of prime life I would gain from such a cool event.
    If that makes sense to anyone under 30 years of age.
    Goddamit, where did i put my Flairs and my Tie-Die shirt. lol

    That's a good looking question. I would bet these people a Million dollars I could bet them, La Brone James in a game of one on one and Shane Warne I could hit every ball he bowled for a six.

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