Win! Awesome Dredd 3D Collectables, Comics And 20 Double Movie Passes!

Dredd 3D hits cinemas this Thursday with the man himself played by Karl Urban, who we interviewed last week. It’s beautifully bloody sci-fi; a brutally visual feast. Kotaku has secured over $1500 worth of Dredd schwag and we want you to have it. Here’s how to enter.

Entering the comp is simple:

1. You must be a registered Kotaku Australia member. Not a member? Register here.

2. Watch the trailer above and tell us in the comments if you could slow time down to 1% speed, what would you do and why?

Best responses as judged by Mark will win...

Prizes on offer are as follows:

Dredd Comic

1x Main Prize Pack

•Dredd 3D movie double movie pass (RRP $44.00) •Dredd 3D teaser poster signed by Judge Dredd aka Karl Urban (RRP $150) •Dredd Badge (RRP $110.00) •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

20 x Runners-up Prize Packs:

•Dredd 3D double pass, RRP $44.00 •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

Entries close at 4PM AEDT this Friday 28th October, with winners announced that afternoon.

Full terms and conditions here.

Dredd poster, signed by Karl Urban
Dredd Badge


    I would either cause crime or prevent crime. So either:
    * Break into banks and steal whatever I need (hey life is expensive).


    * Be a superhero like figure and take down criminals with my seemingly super speed! You could steal away their guns, or block them, move items out of the way, beat the crap out of them without them being able to respond. The possibilities are endless!

    Subliminal Riverdance! I would do a little river dance, and it would be a blur to anyone watching. But in the back of their mind they would be like, 'did I just witness river dancing'.

    Never work again....8 hours x 100 = whoa!
    That's what a regular day already feels like but to actually live through thanks.

    I would run to the toilet, and not have to miss that crucial part of the movie or tv show that I always seem to miss because I need to wee at the most inconvenient times!

    Comb Olivia Thirlby's hair as its tooo messy and while I'm not acting so peter perfect I'd love to swap the American flag in Dredd's "office" for a Confederate one (gun lobby would love that...Not!!)

    I would get up about 10 seconds before I had to be at work, then I could slow down time and relaxingly get ready and stroll to work to arrive bang on time, fully rested! Oh god, I want this.

    Finally watch those 5 DVD Boxsets of The Wire I've had sitting on the shelf for the past 3 years, despite all my best intentions I've never managed to schedule the required time to watch them all back to back

    I'd use it to slip through rush hour traffic unscathed, ensure I make it through all elevator and train doors, write up that overdue report in no time at all and then I'd use my time slowing abilities to slip behind the bar after a looooooooong days work and pour myself a few cold ones.

    Just watch things like the YouTube videos with the high FPS cameras but in real life :D

    Be with my kids, they are growing up right before my eyes, slow down and enjoy the sweet little faces before they become sour teens.

    If I could move at 1% speed, I would videotape myself then get wasted and lay on tha couch watching myself on 100x fastforward to see what I looked like in real time. It would be insaaaaaaane.

    Does watching a megan fox photoshoot at 1% time count?

      I would love to slow down the speed to give me more time to watch more movies although it would be great to speed it up when it comes to going to work!

    REALLY savour my biscuits and coffee because its not often I have time just for me!

    I would bungee jump, parachute, hang glide, base jump and watch a huge explosion from a safe distance

    I'd selfishly slow down time when I'm eating the last piece of birthday cake so it would last loooonger :)

    I would attempt to run on water
    I would move people around. So there would be a Dog pissing on someone and put people in fountains.

    Being a mum of two small children I would sleep so I could get a hell of a lot more sleep than I am currently getting!

    I'd wait even longer for a vimeo video to load.

    I would get all those niggly jobs that I never have time for done!

    I could finally cook one of Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals in the allotted time with time slowed down to 1%!

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