Winners! Judge Dredd Competition!

Alrighty then, time to reveal the winners of last week's Judge Dredd competition!

First off, a quick run down of the prizes on offer...

1x Main Prize Pack

•Dredd 3D movie double movie pass (RRP $44.00) •Dredd 3D teaser poster signed by Judge Dredd aka Karl Urban (RRP $150) •Dredd Badge (RRP $110.00) •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

20 x Runners-up Prize Packs:

•Dredd 3D double pass, RRP $44.00 •Dredd Collectible Comic (not available in Australia; RRP $16.95)

Now for the winners!

1st Prize

Tigerion Flick my hair and stare longingly back at my shampoo

20 Runners-up

Blaghman What I do all the time anyway. Sit here refreshing web pages.

jimbop Get a friend to throw fruit at me in the supermarket and reenact The Matrix, but in a more vegan friendly way.

stewartx I would slow down time and (while remaining out of sight) tap someone on the shoulder continually until they go insane.

MushaConvoy Work often requires that time slows down to 1% for me. Its reached the point where that 100th coffee just doesn't do the trick.

DrCurlytek I would use my time-slowdown skill to take my Super Hexagon play to the next level. Not sure I'm going to ever get past Hyper Hexagonest without some kind of super power!

nworb What do you mean 'if' I could slow time down to 1% speed? It's almost the end of my work day and trust me, time is slow enough already. Is that clock even working? I swear it's been mid-to-late afternoon for an eternity. The worst of it is, if/when I eventually do manage to leave work and get into my comfort zone at home, I'll blink and be back in the office again tomorrow. Time sucks.

anubisvt Watch a balloon pop.

Ruffleberg I'd finally finish Level 3 of Battletoads.

wednesday Savour that goddam double rainbow

scruffy Completely waste it staring at a lava lamp.

juststu82 I'd think of something really awesome to do then probably waste it waving my hand under a running tap.

puppylicks If my brain perceived time running at 1% I would go and have sex, it would be the best 500 seconds of my life.

welbot I'd hang out in the perfume dept. of Myer, and wait for ladies to spray sample perfumes, then rush in and block the spray, and replace it with a rancid wet fart and then sit back and watch their reaction when they discover the wonder of Chanel No2!

dnr Wait until the second the winners are posted, slow down time, Hack Kotaku's website, change the grand prize winner to myself, and you all would never know as it would look like i legitimately won... Now when you see my name announced as the winner, your going to freak out a little and really wonder IF i legitimately won, or if i did what was promised... the only one that will ever know is me... MUHAHAHAHAHA

Fiona Find the busiest train station, pull everyone's pants down, start recording on my phone and see what happens. ;)

Zap Yell: "RECLAIM STANDARDISED PERCEPTIONS OF TIME AND SPACE! WE ARE THE 99%!" then overthrow something. Maybe a table. Probably a table. It'd look pretty cool to everyone else. It'll be a table.

carloschoconta Go to the presidential debate and pull Romney's pants down.

jooooles I'd wait even longer for a vimeo video to load.

gmanhuagh I could finally cook one of Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals in the allotted time with time slowed down to 1%!

Chuloopa IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII wwwwwoooouuuuulllllld sssspeeeeennnnnd mmmmmmyyyyyyy tiiiimmmmmmeeeeeee trrrrryyyyyyyiiinnnnng tooooooooooooo uuuunnnndeeeerrrrstaaaannnnd wwwwwwhhhaaaaat peeeeoooplllllllllleeee aaaarrrrreeee sssaaaayyyyiiiiinnnnng bbeeeeeeeccaaaauuuuusssseeeee thhhheeeeyyyyy wwwwwooouulllld aaaaaaaalllllllll blllloooooddyyyyyyy sssssooooouuuunnnnnd lllllliiiiikeeeee thhhiiiissssssss..... IIIIIIII mmmmeeeeaaaannnnn, rrreeeaaallllllyyyyy, hhhhooooowwwww aaaannnooooyyyyiiiiinnnng woooouuuuulllllld iiiiiiiit beeeeeee iiiiiiiiifffffff eeeeevvvvveeeerrryyythhhhiiiinnnnng sssssooouuuunnnndeeeed lllliiiiikeeee thhhhhiiiisssss....???? HHHHeeeeeeyyyyyyyy mmmmaaaaacccaaaarrreeeennnnaaaaa!!!


    Woo! I'm most excited for the comic.

    Congrats Tigerion, thats a hell of a prize pack for a Dredd fan.

    I felt bad by cheating and naming myself champion, so i'll take the lesser known title of zinc Saucier which also comes with double prize money :P

    Also cheers Kotaku love me some collectable comics :D

      Oh man I actually had a similar entry based on the changing the winner thing (yours was better though!) but decided to delete it and just make fun of Mark's Trials Evolution times instead.

      Totally worth it ;D

        lol Thanks bud, first comp i've been able to enter on kotaku (no artistic talent and dont use facebook) so im stoked to even be a runner up :D


    This is so fecking awesome! Thank you sooo much!!

    Tigerion - bloody nice work!
    Welbot - you made me spit on my computer screen. Soooo funny.

    AWESOME!! Thanks Mark!
    Congrats Tigerion for getting the top spot :)

    Hahaha, great entries.

    Here's hoping you guys actually get the tickets in time :P

    Grats everyone :D

    MS Paint competition pls Markius!

    That's awesome, but I have to say... Welbot's is my favourite.

      hahah thankyou sire! I put absolutely no thought it in to what-so-ever! I literally read the premise, and typed the first thing that came to my head 2 seconds later! :0

    I had no idea this comp was even running. Ah well, grats to all those who won \o/

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner
    So happy to have won, there were some great entries there

    Hooray! This really made my day, thank you! Congrats to everyone!


    Many thanks ;)

      I don't mean to be all silly and demanding and stuff, but I was wondering how a runner-up might receive his tickets? ;)

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