World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Log Supplemental: Level 85 And Holding

World Of Warcraft: Mists Of Pandaria Log Supplemental: Level 85 And Holding

While Kate is working the latest World of Warcraft expansion pack from the bottom up, I am tasked with taking my level 85 character to level 90, exploring what’s new for the high level crowd. It’s not going well so far.

Pandaria is gorgeous, filled with sweeping vistas and landmarks that make me eager to learn more about this new land. Unfortunately the tired gameplay gets in the way.

In a year filled with innovative MMO releases like Guild Wars 2 and The Secret World, stepping back into the glowing purple shoes of a high level World of Warcraft character is akin to the feeling of stepping off the automated walkway at the airport. One second you’re scooting along at an exciting clip, forward momentum bolstered by the magical walkway; the next you’re trudging through ankle-deep mud.

I’ve grown accustomed to certain standard of questing over the past few months. I crave dynamic stories and spontaneous events. I want to be surprised around every corner.

Instead I’m doing the same things I’ve been doing on and off for nearly eight years. I am killing eight spiders. Why eight? Shut up and kill the damn spiders. Oh, and collect some objects on the ground while you’re at it. Kill these wasps for their stingers. Not all of them have stingers. I don’t know why, maybe they hide them.

That’s not to say Pandaria’s quests don’t have their appeal. There are dramatic and humorous story moments around every corner. It’s just that once the clever narrative is done we’re back to collecting and killing by numbers. It’s incredibly hard to stay motivated. I’m only now approaching level 86.

Perhaps were I a raider I would be more into the expansion. Then again if I were a raider I would be upset that the armour and weapons I’ve amassed since the previous expansion have been rendered all but useless yet again by new high-powered equipment.

What I really want to do while I attempt to stay awake through kill quests is play the battle pets game. Wandering about the level 85 Pandaria zone I spy countless creatures I wish to add to my Azeroth Pokedex, but they are too high level for my inexperienced beasts to fight. I guess it’s a good that I am passionate about something in the new expansion, right?


  • Guildwars 2 feels like it dead now that mist is out, when ever I play and get into events imlike the only one doing them, wow forever

        • My sister is hinting that she wants to check out the Pandas so I may have to check it out myself. Having a break from GW2 atm to catch up on a years One Piece, Naruto and Fairy Tail. That and Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 >

  • Thing about GW2 is it’ll always be there, subscription free and easy for people to come back to when they’ve had their fill of WoW. Having played WoW since late Vanilla i’ll most likely take a break from GW2 at some point to check out what Pandaria has to offer, but it’s quite nice knowing my little Asura or Human will still be there when I get back, which I undoubtedly will.

    Even with Pandaria being freshly released, I still see people all about the world in GW2, so it definitely doesn’t feel dead.

  • I dont think Blizzards goalis to get new players in. Its an old game and they know that. So Im pretty sure there goal is to just satisfy the current WoW players with new content and locations while everyone is waiting for Blizzards next MMO which is rumoured to be WoW2 but at the same time Blizzard deny a WoW2 is in development and is something different while other rumours confirms Blizzards statements.

    Blizzard will come out on top

  • You gotta remember that Guild Wars 2 isn’t in competition with Wow as much as you think.

    Guild Wars 2 isn’t subscription based so they aren’t going “Oh no, we are loosing subscribers!” because they don’t have any.

    You buy the game once and that’s it… Like most games out there it’s a once off fee.

    The makers of Batman Arkham City didn’t go “Curses! People have played our game and have now gone to playing a subscription based MMO!”

    While I think their MMO will certainly be more successful with more players and people investing in their in-game store, I don’t think they are concerned with Wow.

    Wow on the other hand seems WAY over-concerned with the number of subscribers they have at any one time.

    I remember thinking with MMO’s “Well I guess they need the money each month to fund the servers and make improvements….. and I suppose if they have to charge for expansions that’s ok too.” Now I’m not so sure.

    I think Guild Wars 2 is very successful and I think it will continue to be successful for a long time.

    I think the same for Wow being successful (as history shows) but for different reasons.

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