Wreck-It Ralph Takes A Dubstep Dump On Modern Shooters

You can already tell that Wreck-It Ralph is going to gets lots of mileage from romping up and down the timeline of video game history. Disney has thrown in lots of cameos from iconic heroes and villains and created fake arcade machines to make their made-up retro franchise ring true to audiences. But this latest video attached to the movie is rooted firmly in the present-day.

The clip uses the Hero's Duty game that Ralph winds up inside of to lob some pointed commentary at the wub-infested trailers for the latest crop of shooters. And they get a poop joke in there. Hard to hate on that.


    Saw that a few days ago. But holy crap am I pumped for this movie.

    I am really looking forward to this movie, it will probably be the first time in awhile I go to the movies instead of waiting for a DVD release.

    Pumped for this movie but a little mad that it comes out on the 2nd of november in the states but it come out on the 26 of december for us.

    Crazy thing is, my older brother is over in L.A. now with his mate, who's the lead art director for Disney, (done all the work on this). Jerks that they are!

    This trailer was posted on Kotaku like a week ago. Whats with the complete repost? :|

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