Xbox 360’s First Major Second-Screen Game Is Live

Xbox 360’s First Major Second-Screen Game Is Live

How good is the Xbox 360’s impersonation of the Wii U? If you have Forza Horizon, a Windows tablet, an Xbox 360 and — oh yeah, power in your home and internet (not guaranteed in times like these!) — you can find out.

The game’s SmartGlass support just went live. Full press release below.

Note how this works: they’re not sending data from console to tablet. They’re sending data from the console to the cloud, sending an internet signal to your tablet and syncing those as tightly as possible. Not quite the speedy direct connection of a Wii U, but it’s something.

“Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience Available Now

Extended Windows 8 experience gives “Forza Horizon” players instant access to open roads of Colorado

Microsoft and Turn 10 Studios today announced the release of the official “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience, a free download for Windows 8 PCs that allows players to extend their racing fun in this year’s biggest racing game, “Forza Horizon.”

The “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience works as an interactive map of Colorado—the vast open-world environment where fans will drive, explore, and race against other players. Using the “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience, “Forza Horizon” players can instantly access the entire map of Colorado. Using familiar navigation gestures like pinch to zoom, players can explore the interactive map and set waypoints on the map simply by tapping the desired location on the screen. Once a destination is chosen, that waypoint is automatically set in the game and new route directions are presented to the player.

The interactive SmartGlass Experience for “Forza Horizon” lets players explore the open roads of Colorado with ease. In addition, as with the in-game map, the “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience includes locations of special items such as smashable upgrade discount signs, new race events, and more. Through a robust set of filters, players will be able to quickly find exactly the event or item they are looking for with just a few swipes of their fingers.

With no need to pause the game in order to access the in-game map, the “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience offers new players a chance to familiarize themselves with the open world of Colorado, and offers experienced drivers an edge over the competition.

The “Forza Horizon” SmartGlass Experience is available now for Windows 8 PCs, with support for additional platforms coming soon.

Where Cars Belong: “Forza Horizon” will be available starting on Oct. 23 in a Limited Collector’s Edition ($79.99 U.S. ERP) and a Standard Edition ($59.99 U.S. ERP). The game is rated “T” For Teen by the ESRB.


  • Wait a minute.

    Are all smartglass features going to go console-cloud-tablet and not console-tablet.

    Oh dear.

  • Again explain to me how practical it is? You need to put your controller down to access your tablet/phone to use those features ? Sure you can have it on your lap (thats a recipe for disaster especially if your engrossed in your game and the tablet phone slips off your lap…) or on the coffee table which wont be immediately or easily accessible – not everyone will have the most ideal set up unlike the Wii U which the tablet controls are built right into the controller for easy access (no need to swap controller to tablet/phone back to controller. For a Wii U ‘copy’ its not very practical nor easy to use nor will it be fast. Its one of those good in theory but not so much in practice.

    • The practicallity comes as an “added” peripheral, not a necessity to play. Things like, a Map, or mini games (think fallout picking a lock), or the simple use of having a keybaord to type on your xbox instead of scrolling through the letters with your keyboard.

      Lots of uses, and if done well it will be great!

      • That’s the problem you see – this new gameplay element is not necessary to so why would developers spend that time to add a gameplay feature that most people wont use? Im sure Microsoft will use it in all its games from now on but what about third parties? I think this feature if used in a more integrated in the game (like it is in the Wii U) will piss people off more then add a new gameplay element. Imagine having to switch between controller and tablet/phone and back just to use the feature and having to switch many times – its gonna be annoying as hell.

        Kinect is better in many ways to the Wiimote. But this is nothing on the Wii U gamepad, sorry its a cheap imitation.

    • Totally great innovation from Ninty there.

      Step 1: Steal the Dreamcast idea.
      Step 2: Steal the Xbox’s controller config.
      Step 3: ???

      • 1) Dreamcasts had a touch screen controller? I dont fking think so. The Wii U gamepad isnt a memory unit either so ehh wrong Nintendo copied the DS more then anything and oh yeah they made that.
        2) Xboxs control config? dont make me laugh Nintendo introduced analog, rumble and even the base button config is basically from SNES so fail for you (im not saying the Wii U set up is not similar to xbox controller but Nintendo did it all before they just changed things for the Wii with the Wiimote – they like to try new things)
        3) yeah didnt have much of an argument to begin with so makes sense you ran out of things to say real quick

          • Firstly i stated that the Wii U pro controller DOES looks similar to the xbox controller HOWEVER, Nintendo had orignally had a controller with that exact face button configuration with the SNES


            The xbox has the same exact face button configuration except with dual analog sticks which Nintendo introduced and sony introduced 2 in the dual analog.



            These controllers were WAY before microsoft even got into the market, so in effect Microsoft copied both companies in coming up with the xbox controller. This is not to say that it should not be allowed, however its ridiculous to point out who copied who in this instance.

            The design of Wii U pro controller is similar (the handles that is), however Nintendo introduced many things (rumble, analog, face button config, motion control) that microsoft copied on the xbox controller. So why point the finger?

            There are not many other ways to design a game controller so its inevitable that game controller designs will be the same.

            so what happened to your dreamcast argument?

            Kinect was microsoft improving and providing something different to the Wiimote
            Smartglass is a cheap imitation of the Wii U gamepads functionality.

            dont have to be upset with the truth

          • And the 2600 had a button and an analogue stick – so following your logic, they were copied too.

            Which leads to the WiiU copying the Dreamcast because the DC had a screen in the controller.

            Taking a basic feature – like a stick, or a button – and claiming someone “copied it” is bogus. However, failing to acknowledge when a company takes an entire formfactor is just blind fanboyism.

    • This could be great for Rally games with the 2nd player being the Navigator, or copilot in a plane, or the strategic guy who controls the squads while you control the player out front.

      This and the Wii-U have a lot of possibilities if game designers start thinking 2 player, instead of one player. One player doesn’t work as you have to take yr hands off the controller. 2 player could be awesome, and rope in people who aren’t traditional gamers. So the twitch gamer plays with the controller and the non-twitch gamer plays the support role. I’d love it.

  • In my experience with Smart Glass so far is the selections made in Smart Glass effect the 360 immediately. Who knows maybe its set up to be smart and work over LAN seeing as both devices are connected to the same network or its just really fast. Either way it works 😉

  • Here’s the thing about Forza though…

    All that stuff is available in the game. There’s a mini map onscreen too. The game even puts down a green line telling me which roads I need to travel. Perhaps if this app offered something different, like fuel consumption data, or details of the cars in the garage… as it is though, it’s just a waste.

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