XCOM Has HD Cutscenes, But They're Hiding

If you're playing XCOM on PC, you might have noticed a little discrepancy between the standard in-game visuals and those of the game's cutscenes, which can look a little blurry.

You can actually change that. Reddit user loinbread did some looking through the game's folders and found that, in addition to the video files that play by default, the PC version includes the same clips in 1080p, resulting in much nicer videos.

All you need to do to enable these is to...batch rename all the files. That or wait for Firaxis to release an update that lets you select it as an option.

Quick note about XCOM: Enemy Unknown's video assets in the PC port [Reddit]


    Thanks Luke, will keep that in mind when it's released here!


    First best post of Luke! One of the turn off that made me not prepurchase was the horrid cut scene. Now that it can be fixed shall pre order it now

      "First best post?" Really?

        Yeah really =/ or maybe a few more that I missed but its as rare as finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild

        Gotta love the journalism critics lol. What a chump.

    Helpful, thanks! I'll have to keep this in mind when I pick it up later this week.

    So... the files are there but not used? Probably a reasonable chance that there is a crashing or display bug with the larger res files on some machines? Something along those lines?

    Browse reddit all day: JOURNALISM. Seriously, do some actual work. How about an article with actual news that isn't the content equivalent of a Facebook status update.

      So basically if I don't use reddit I don't deserve to know about this?

    yeah a lot of luke's articles are absolute rubbish but this is useful info. And so what if he got it off reddit?

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