XCOM Might Have Let The Aliens Win

Did you like that XCOM art we posted yesterday? Well, one of the artists behind it was Piero Macgowan, and tonight we're going to taking a closer look at his work.

Mexican-born Macgowan works at civilisation and (duh) XCOM studio Firaxis as a Senior Concept Artist, which means in addition to the alien-fighting pics you'll see below he's also worked on the...Civilization series (you'll also see some non-game stuff below, before you ask who the hell the guy with the flaming head is).

The image you see above is an interesting one, born from the earliest stages of XCOM's development where the team was kicking around ideas. One of them was to change the game's storyline, dropping the player in a world which the aliens had already conquered. What a bummer.

If you'd like to see more of Piero's work, you should check out his personal site and CGHub page.

To see the larger pics in all their glory (or, if they're big enough, so you can save them as wallpaper), right-click on them below and select "open in new tab".

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    The game starting when the aliens have more or less taken over the world is done in the UFO series. By taken over I meant destroy around 80% of life on the world.

    "...change the game’s storyline, dropping the player in a world which the aliens had already conquered."
    This would be AMAZING for a DLC add-on, an alternate storyline.

      It also would have helped explain why you get so few resources made available to you, despite you being humanity's only defence against an existential threat :P

    That liche-king looking guy is one scary dude.

    Falling Skies; The Game

      Oh god yes, I love that show. The second season was absolutely brilliant.

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